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Vehicle dynamics simulator: ROS node and C++ library
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MultiVehicle simulator (libmvsim)

Lightweight, realistic dynamical simulator for 2D ("2.5D") vehicles and robots. It is tailored to analysis of vehicle dynamics, wheel-ground contact forces and accurate simulation of typical robot sensors (e.g. laser scanners).

This package includes the C++ library mvsim, a standalone app and a ROS node.

License: GNU General Public License version 3 Copyright (C) 2017 Jose Luis Blanco (University of Almeria) and collaborators

MvSim intro


  • The mvsim manual is the main reference document can be found in docs/user_manual.tex.
  • (TO-DO) ROS tutorials (Write me!!)

Main features

  • Lightweight in memory, CPU and library requirements.
  • Fully configurable via .xml "world" files.
  • World maps:
    • Occupancy gridmaps: input as images or MRPT binary maps (from icp-slam, rbpf-slam, etc.)
    • Elevation meshes.
  • Vehicle models:
    • Differential driven (2 & 4 wheel drive).
    • Ackermann steering (kinematic & dynamic steering, different mechanical drive models).
    • Ackermann steering with mechanical differentials of full grade.
  • Sensors:
    • Laser scanners: Robots see each other, their own bodies, etc.
  • Interface to vehicles: Choose among:
    • Raw access to forces and motor torques.
    • Twist commands (using internal controllers).

Compiling: standalone


  • A decent C++ compiler!
  • CMake >= 3.1
  • MRPT (>=1.5.4 from 1.5 series; or >=2.0.0): In Windows, build from sources or install precompiled binaries.
  • Box2D: Will use an embedded copy if no system version is found.

In Ubuntu, this will install all requirements:

 sudo apt-get install libmrpt-dev libbox2d-dev

ROS: Compiling & usage

  • Install: sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-mvsim

  • Build: clone to your catkin workspace and build as usual

  • Usage: See docs and tutorials in

Compiling: MOOS / OpenMORA

This package is already included in OpenMORA.

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