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Home-Assistant Custom Component for Go Slide

This custom component home-assistant ( can control the Go Slide ( At this moment the component only support the Cloud option, because the local API hasn't been released yet (it planned to be included when released).

Go Slide


  • Home Assistant 0.94+


  • Copy directory goslide <config dir>/custom_components directory.
  • Configure with config below.
  • Restart Home-Assistant.


To use this component in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

  password: secret
  scan_interval: 30

Configuration variables:

  • username (Required): The e-mail used to register your account with, with your iPhone/Android App
  • password (Required): The password of your account with
  • scan_interval (Optional): Number of seconds between polls. (default = 30)
  • timeout (Optional): Maximum number of seconds between start and end of HTTPS request. (default = 30)
  • retry (Optional): Number of seconds between startup retry (if API is down). (default = 120)


It is possible to debug the GoSlide component and API library, this can be done by adding the following lines to the configuration.yaml file:

    goslideapi: debug
    custom_components.goslide: debug
    homeassistant.components.goslide: debug


  • Improve debugging
  • Add local API support, when released
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