WordPress plugin adding options for custom limiting of number of entries to a Gravity Form.
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Gravity Forms: Custom Entry Limit

Gravity Forms: Custom Entry Limit extends the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin by adding options for custom limiting of number of entries to a Gravity Form.

This repository is a development version intended to facilitate communication with developers. I will aim to keep it stable, but use at your own discretion.

The plugin does ping an external server to check for updates. This can be disabled by un-requiring the file class-typewheel-updater.php.

Pull requests are welcome.

Usage Instructions

After installing and activating this plugin, you will find additional option under Form Settings | Restrictions when Limit number of entries is checked. Checking Summed Fields As Entries will utilize the total sum of values from fields you have identified in the form. Identify fields in the form by visiting a field's Advanced tab. Under Field Usage, check Include in sum for determining form entry limit.


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Copyright 2016-2018 Joshua Vandercar