Uppsala Architecture Research Team


This is an unofficial read-only mirror of the gem5 simulator. The upstream repository is stored in Mercurial at http://repo.gem5.org/gem5 with an official git mirror at http://github.com/gem5/gem5. The mirror is updated at least hourly. Please consider contributing your changes to the upstream project.

Updated Sep 22, 2016


C/C++ library for detecting runtime phases

Updated Dec 31, 2015

Python 4 4


A tool for detecting and analyzing runtime phases

Updated Dec 30, 2015


Sampler library with offline tools working on USF-traces and online PIN-based tools

Updated Mar 12, 2014


UART Sample File library and utilities

Updated Dec 12, 2013

Python 1 1


A tool to profile and analyze applications' power and performance behavior

Updated Sep 2, 2013


forked from andysan/perf_tools

Low-level tools for testing and using perf_events in recent Linux kernels

Updated Dec 20, 2011