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@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ The mobile device running FreeFlight Pro (the one connected to Skycontroller 2 v

Additionally, [Glympse](, a free App for iOS/Android, allows independent real-time GPS tracking and shows [detailed telemetry data]( (signal strength, altitude, speed, compass, battery and latency) of the Disco via 4G/LTE. This can be particularly useful to recover the Disco in the unfortunate event of a crash or flyaway.

![Glympse App showing Disco's location](
![Glympse App showing Disco's location](

<a name="sdcard">The latest (optional) feature of our softmod is the video and photo recording to a microSD card inside the 4G modem.
![E3372h 4G USB modem with microSD card](

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