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Known Working Mobile Carriers and Settings

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The following list of carriers are confirmed to work with the 4G/LTE softmod (based on user feedback).

⚠️ Note: If your preferred carrier is not on this list, it will most likely still work! The softmod works with all 4G/LTE carriers as long as the LTE band is supported by the modem.

Country Carrier Recommended Modem Recommended APN ZeroTier Connection Notes                       
Australia Telstra E3372h-153, E3372h-607 telstra.wap / telstra.internet Direct
Austria bob (A1 Telekom Austria) E3372h-153, E3372h-607 ?
Bulgaria Vivacom E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct
Czech Republic O2 E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Relayed
Czech Republic Vodafone E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Relayed
France Bouygues E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct/Relayed
France Orange E3372h-153, E3372h-607 / orange Direct
France SFR E3372h-153, E3372h-607 websfr ?
Germany T-Mobile E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct "" is a non-standard APN which assigns a Public IP to the end-user device. According to T-Mobile this should only be used for testing purposes. However, this is the only way to get a direct connection with the softmod on T-Mobile Germany.
Germany O2 E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Relayed
Germany Vodafone E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Relayed
Greece Cosmote E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Direct
Greece WIND Hellas E3372h-153, E3372h-607 ?
Hungary Magyar Telekom E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet.telekom Direct
Italy Iliad E3372h-153, E3372h-607 iliad Direct
Italy TIM E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct
Italy Vodafone E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct this APN should give you a Public IP which helps in getting a direct connection. Other APNs like might not.
Latvia Tele2 E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct the tethering device will most likely use as APN, which is different from the modem - however that is fine. It seems only when using the two different APNs for the USB modem and the tethering device, you will get a direct connection.
Malaysia DiGi E3372h-153, E3372h-607 diginet Direct
Netherlands T-Mobile E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Direct
Norway Telenor E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet.public / internet Direct
Poland Orange E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Relayed
Portugal Vodafone E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct
Singapore Singtel E3372h-153, E3372h-607 e-ideas Direct
Singapore StarHub E3372h-153, E3372h-607 shwap Direct
Slovakia 4ka E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Relayed
Slovakia O2 E3372h-153, E3372h-607 o2internet Direct
Slovakia Orange E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Direct
Slovakia Telekom E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Direct
Spain Movistar E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct
Spain Yoigo E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Direct
Sweden Halebop E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct VMNO using Telia's network
Sweden Tele2 E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct
Sweden Telenor E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct
Sweden Telia E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Direct
Switzerland Salt E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Relayed
Switzerland Sunrise E3372h-153, E3372h-607 internet Relayed
Switzerland Swisscom E3372h-153, E3372h-607 Relayed Prepaid's Upload speed is limited to 2 MBit/s, which is too low. Rather go for postpaid and the "Multi Device" option for a second SIM card.
Switzerland Swisscom E3372h-153, E3372h-607 APN User: testprofil and APN Password: temporary Direct For the APN, one need to ask Swisscom to enable CAA (Corporate Application Access) on the subscription (cost CHF 5.-/month). This is only required for one of the two SIM cards to get a Direct connection.
Turkey Turkcell E3372h-153, E3372h-607 mgb / internet Direct
UK EE E3372h-153, E3372h-607 everywhere Direct
USA AT&T E3372h-510 various Relayed (tbc) The majority of users have not been able to get an acceptable connection with AT&T and have verified LTE and strong signals.
USA Sprint n/a n/a n/a None of the LTE bands used by Sprint USA are supported by Huawei modems which work with the 4G/LTE softmod.
USA T-Mobile E3372h-510, E3276s-505, MS2372h-517, Direct T-Mobile One Unlimited and One Plus plan have been found to work well. Seems you must be using one of these two top-tier plans for acceptable throughput/performance. T-Mobile imposes a bandwidth cap to tethering data depending on your plan. Make sure the full speed is unlocked or run a speed test if in doubt.

Users have reported better performance with Binge On being disabled.

In certain regions of the US, T-Mobile predominantly supports LTE Band 12 (700 MHz). There is no Huawei E3372 model that supports Band 12. However, the Huawei E3276s-505 and the MS2372h-517 both support LTE Band 12 and work fine with the 4G softmod - however require a manual change to one script.
USA Verizon E3372h-510 vzwinternet Direct Verizon Prepaid Unlimited does not work with the modem. The other prepaid plans (15GB and 5GB) work fine. Currently, the unlimited data postpaid plan does not seem to work anymore (might be temporary). To enable the SIM card, insert it into a Verizon-approved device (e.g. old phone) and provide them the IMEI number of that device. Once the SIM is enabled, you can use it on the Huawei modem.

Please help us to keep this table updated. Drop us a note on Slack and tell us what is or is not working for you.