A Plasma Tutorial Example Extension: HOWTO add icons and settings for a KDE4 applet
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Gioco1 - an Extension to the Plasma Applet "Getting Started" tutorial

This program source demonstrates two aspects of plasmoid development.
1) How an icon could be associated with an applet or and application in KDE4.
   Several uses for the icon are shown.
2) How can you create a settings page for the applet.
   Settings are _automagically_ stored and retrieved from configuration file.

-- Development --

The code has been created and compiled on Kubuntu 9.10 with:

 - kapptemplate
 - Qt creator
 - CMake
The icon developed with

 - Inkscape graphics editor

-- Name --

Gioco means a play, a joke, a game in Italian.
The applet does not do anything meaningful for an end user.
I created it while studying development for Qt/KDE4 in my spare time.

 There is little chance for a name clash with another software.
Only Italian-speaking person may take this for a real application - like 
a casual game or something. Well, if an user attempts an installation 
of gioco1, this would result in an unintended silly joke.

Also, this is my first program with Plasma/KDE/Qt. Hence "1".

-- Created by --

The software 'gioco1' and accompanying graphical image:
(C) Yuri Baranov, 2010

You may contact me by *e-mail*
(Add @ and . in proper places)

My *google wave ID* is 
(Add the punctuation to the line above as well)


-- Legal/Licensing --

The sofware source code is licensed under GPL v 2.0 license. See COPYING file for the terms and conditions.

The graphical image(s)  is/are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Unported 3.0 License.
For the full text of the license read the file CREATIVE-COMMONS-BY, 
You may see human-readable summary of the license at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/.

Plasma Applet Template

You need KDE 4.2

-- Build instructions --

cd /where/your/applet/is/installed
mkdir build
cd build
make install

(your $KDEDIRS is where you install your KDE 4)

Restart plasma to load the applet 
kquitapp plasma

or view it with 
plasmoidviewer YourAppletName

You might need to run kbuildsycoca4
in order to get the .desktop file recognized.

-- Tutorials and resources --
The explanation of the template

Plasma techbase pages