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Before using the library, please read file

ofxFEngine3DCore //////////

This 3DCore library at the moment contains only one 3D class for openFrameworks. ofxFEngineFreeCam wraps a code of ofCamera in such a way that 3D coordinate systems can be used in the "right" XYZ order (Z controling height of the environment). Camera itself is a Free Camera, which can be controled in a gamelike manner. Movements with buttons and rotations with short directional mouse drags. This makes it easier and more intuitive to navigate and modify 3D environments in OpenFrameworks. Additional effects are included like deceleration of the camera when buttons are released, etc.

Compatibility //////////

Library is compatible with OF0071 although it should also work with OF0072. Library was tested to work on windows 7, code::blocks IDE, in principle it should be easy to adapt it to Linux or MacOS.

Implementation //////////

To get openframeworks go to

First try and analyze the example that is provided with the library in ofxFEngine3DCore/example-simpleFreeCam/

To use library in your OF projects, inside code::blocks, press right mouse button on your project, select "Add Files Recursively", pick ofxFEngine3DCore/src folder. Manage library Source and Header files as you like in code::blocks project. Press right mouse button on your project again and choose "Build Options". Under "Search directories" add ofxFEngine3DCore/src folder. Make sure the paths are correct. Include "ofxFEngine3DCore.h" in your project's class and that is it.

Good luck!

F_Engine Libraries //////////

F_Engine libraries are and will be developed by Matas Ubarevicius and will contain various classes to work in 3D. Libraries will be directed towards interactive architecture.

More info can be found at


This library makes it easier and more intuitive to navigate and modify 3D environments in OpenFrameworks.







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