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Software Provenance

Release authorization

Geodisy software releases are authorized by the core Geodisy project team, including the principle investigator(s), project manager, programmer(s), metadata analyst(s) and other members of the team


  • Coding is written to standard and validates with external tools. Code reviews are applied when possible by members of the programming team.

  • As part of the software development process, automated unit testing and manual testing are carried out on the software throughout the development process. When required, user testing on public facing elements is performed.

  • Before any software release, meetings are held by the core Geodisy team to clearly identify and resolve, if possible, software issued before a major release. Should bugs/or errors be found in third-party software, documentation is written to ensure that users are aware of these issues.

  • Any changes to the software will be noted in a continuously updated release notes document which is distributed with the software.


  • All documentation is included with the source distribution of the software. The documentation includes:

    • Setup and installation documentation for users wishing to create their own instance of the software

    • Metadata crosswalk/concordance documentation from compatible platforms to Geodisy

    • End user guides, including documentation for users depositing data and institutions wishing to use a third-party installation of Geodisy.

    • Release notes for each released version

Patches to third party software

  • Security based or functional critical patches to third party software are applied as soon as possible.

  • Non-critical functions will be evaluated by the project team members and applied after suitable testing is completed.