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Commits on Feb 3, 2015
  1. @xcompass

    Merge branch '3.1.x'

    xcompass authored
  2. @xcompass
Commits on Jan 22, 2015
  1. @xcompass

    Merge branch '3.1.x'

    xcompass authored
  2. @xcompass
  3. @xcompass

    Bump version to 3.1.5

    xcompass authored
  4. @mwytang

    Modified the wording to describe the penalty setting

    mwytang authored
    - There has been confusion of how the penalty settings work due to
    the ambiguity of the wording.
    - I have the following changes. The first penalty settings will say:
    	- "From the due date to __ days late __% deducted"
    - Then subsequent settings, will say:
    	- "then until __ days after the due date __% deducted"
    - Currently users still can't select 0% penalty.
Commits on Jan 19, 2015
  1. @mwytang
Commits on Jan 8, 2015
  1. @mwytang

    removed Submission Confirmation email template

    mwytang authored
    - removed the Submission Confirmation email template with a
    database upgrade script. Also removed it from SQL script.
    - fixed all broken tests
Commits on Dec 23, 2014
  1. @xcompass

    Merge pull request #499 from tkbaylis/3.1.x

    xcompass authored
    Displays all courses for FacultyAdmin teaching outside of their faculty
  2. @tkbaylis

    Fix admins can't see courses outside their faculty

    tkbaylis authored
    Faculty admins teaching courses outside their faculty can now see all their courses.
    - View in both Home and Courses index
    - Courses sorted alphabetically within Active/Inactive sections
    - Should not duplicate any courses in views
    - Should account for empty courses for filter_permission_faculty
    - Test data has another course added (CPSC 404) listed only under faculty of science
    - Test data has two more admins (admin3/4) who are fac admins and instructors
    - Test cases for home and courses controllers
  3. @xcompass

    Merge pull request #498 from tkbaylis/3.1.x-new

    xcompass authored
    Add/update users picks lowest role_id
  4. @tkbaylis

    Add/update users picks lowest role_id

    tkbaylis authored
    This fixes, for example, iPeer superadmins who enter through external LMS where they are instructors and lose superadmin privileges at login.  Now, highest level (lowest role_id) is preserved.
    - v1_controller compares external id to ipeer id (if saved) and chooses lower
    - new users created in test cases for this functionality:
      - same external vs ipeer role_id
      - external role_id higher than saved in ipeer
      - external role_id lower than saved in ipeer
Commits on Dec 16, 2014
  1. @mwytang

    fixed self-evaluation features showing up even though the feature

    mwytang authored
    was disabled for the events
    - in the case of changing the self-evaluation option after the event
    has opened, the submitted self-evaluations will not be included in
    the evaluation results UI for instructors and students, CSV export,
    and PDF export
    	- the self-evaluation results will appear again when the
    	option is re-enabled
    	- scores would also not include the self-evaluation submissions
    	when self-evaluation is disabled
    - for mixed evaluation, if self-evaluation is disabled both the peer
    evaluation questions for the evaluator to evaluate themselves and
    the self-evaluation specific questions will not appear.
    - mixed evaluation template view will still disable the self-evaluation
    specific questions
    - mixed evaluation template preview (from event form), will not display
    self-evaluation specific questions if the feature is diabled.
Commits on Nov 25, 2014
  1. @mwytang

    fixed manual releasing mixed evaluation comments

    mwytang authored
    The comment release status on the student view is using the
    comment_release status attribute for evaluation_mixevals, which
    is currently no longer in use - due to the implementation of the
    ability to release individual comments
    Tests done:
    - Mixed
    	- manually releasing all comments
    	- manually releasing selected comments
    	- not releasing any comments
    	- auto-releasing all comments
    	- auto-releasing comments / unrelease selected comments
    - Rubrics - manual and auto release comments (all/selected)
    - Simple - manual and auto release comments (all/selected)
    No change is needed for Rubrics and Simple because the comment_release
    status in their respective evaluation object is still in use. I've also
    checked that releasing grades is still functional. Since releasing
    grades is all or nothing, we do not need to change the computation
    of the grade release boolean to array_sum.
  2. @mwytang

    Fixed Ticket #492

    mwytang authored
    I have fixed the problem with the application sending an incorrect
    warning for removing a group from an event. This happens when the
    event is not assigned to all the groups in the course.
    This has been fixed and tested. The testing I have done includes:
    - saving an event without changing the groups - no warning
    - adding additional groups - no warning
    - removing previously added groups - warning
Commits on Nov 24, 2014
  1. @xcompass

    Merge branch '3.1.x'

    xcompass authored
  2. @xcompass

    Bump version to 3.1.5

    xcompass authored
  3. @xcompass

    Fix the missing comma

    xcompass authored
  4. @ionparticle @xcompass

    Fix emails templates filling in wrong names.

    ionparticle authored xcompass committed
    Users were getting emails where they were being addressed by the wrong first
    name. Turns out that the email template replacement was modifying the original
    template, so it replaced template variables with the info of the first user and
    alone after that. Everyone was getting same email as the first user.
Commits on Nov 14, 2014
  1. @mwytang

    fixed bug where empty ipeer evaluation reminder emails were sent

    mwytang authored
    - created delta_8 that creates a evaluation reminder email template
    	- also an update to existing unsent reminder emails to use
    	the newly created template
    - added the evaluation reminder email template to ipeer.sql and
    the one with sample data
    - fixed Upgrade314 script's documentation
    - fixed email template model tests
    - created a 315 upgrade script to run delta 8
Commits on Nov 6, 2014
  1. @xcompass

    Add system.version parameter to delta7

    xcompass authored
    As sys_parameter->save() doesn't create the new parameters. The default
    upgrader will fail inserting the value if the parameter doesn't exists.
  2. @xcompass
Commits on Nov 5, 2014
  1. @xcompass

    Revert "Fix the daylight saving issue"

    xcompass authored
    This reverts commit 588abd8.
  2. @xcompass
  3. @xcompass

    Fix missing formLoaded parameter in event editing

    xcompass authored
    formLoaded parameter is added to ensure the page is loaded before user
    can click submit.
  4. @xcompass
  5. @xcompass

    Move delta 5 into delta 4 and remove sql mode in 6

    xcompass authored
    The database versions between 3.0 to 3.1 are all 4. So delta_5 should be
    merged into 4
Commits on Nov 1, 2014
  1. @xcompass
Commits on Oct 29, 2014
  1. @mwytang

    fixed some bugs && temporarily removed show student events

    mwytang authored
    - fixed saving mixed evaluations inputs when the whole form is not
    - temporarily hid the "show events" action because not all types
    of evaluations are fully functional. Through basic testing, only
    simple evaluations seem to be functional
    - in upgrade_base, the system.absolute_url is no longer being updated.
    A value is only added if no value was there initially.
  2. @mwytang

    fixed releasing comments for student view of evaluation results

    mwytang authored
    - after the feature to un/release individual comments have been
    implemented the release mechanism for comments became broken.
    - now the grade/comment release status are default to be set to
    released if the auto-release option is turned on. If the option is
    kept off, the release status is unreleased.
    - so if users want to remove specific comments from the results,
    they can do so and the change will be reflected on the student
    evaluation results view.
    - when the release status is saved on the events add/edit form,
    the group events' grade and comment release status is:
            - set to None if auto-release is off
            - set to Auto if auto-release is on
    - if the auto-release option is changed through the edit form,
    all the submitted evaluations' comment and grade release status would
    be changed appropriately.
    - some duplicate functions have been removed (also removed their
    backend tests)
Commits on Oct 28, 2014
  1. @mwytang

    added commands to refresh the cache directory into the upgrade script

    mwytang authored
    - in the production mode, cakephp doesn't refresh the cache directory,
    so we'll need to do it manually whenever we upgrade the database.
    - I've created a function in the upgrade_base for this purpose, which is called
    every time an upgrade script is run.
Commits on Oct 22, 2014
  1. @mwytang

    implemented some validations to event edit

    mwytang authored
    1. If the form is not fully loaded, and the user tries to submit
    the form, an error message will appear. This is so that unwanted
    modifications to the event will not be saved.
    2. Another validation has been added to ask the user for confirmation
    that they wanted to remove groups that were initially in the event.
    If no original groups have been removed, no confirmation dialog will
    appear when the form is submitted. If one or more original group has
    been removed, a confirmation dialog will appear. Whether new groups
    have been added to the event will not affect conditions.
    3. I've also updated the events system test to expect the confirmation
    dialog and to click accept before continuing with the rest of the tests.
Commits on Oct 21, 2014
  1. @mwytang

    fixed super admins unable to view all instructors and faculty admins

    mwytang authored
    The reason was super admins were also using the custom filter for
    faculty admins; which means they can only see instructors and admins
    that are in the faculties the super admin is enroled in. This has been
    fixed by fixing the condition to skip the filtering for super admins.
    I have also modified the test data to not enrol the super admin in the
    two test faculties since in production super admins are not automatically
    enroled in all faculties (and departments)
    Due to the enrolment removal mentioned above, the "getIdsByUserId"
    function test became broken when a super admin user id is passed.
    There is no easy fix to this until we can check for a user's permission
    based on the userId passed in (instead of the logged in user). Therefore,
    I have commented that one test case untilk I have more time to implement
    a permanent fix for this.
Commits on Oct 20, 2014
  1. @mwytang

    created upgrade script to version 3.1.4

    mwytang authored
    - refactored app_controller's _checkDatabaseVersion
    	- renamed to _checkSystemVersion
    	- now checks system version number - assuming that when
    	a database upgrade is needed, the system version number
    	also increases
    - changed sql script's database.version to 7 and system.version to
    3.1.3 (current version). Need to update to 3.1.4 when the system is
    bumped to 3.1.4
    - refactored upgrade index view to show the current installed system
    and database versions and the most recent versions.
    - created an upgrade script soley for updating the system version.
    This upgrade script will always be upgradable if the system version
    in the core is higher than the one in the database.
    	- removed the system version update from the upgrade base
    	- added an additionaly logic to also make the system version
    	upgrade script to be upgradable if the system.version parameter
    	is not found.
  2. @xcompass
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