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UBC Launch Pad

UBC's student-run software engineering club πŸš€

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  1. πŸ“š The official UBC Launch Pad knowledge base -

    Markdown 1

  2. ✨ The official UBC Launch Pad website -

    Vue 6 1

  3. πŸš€ The official UBC Launch Pad Slack bot and team management platform

    Python 13 5

  4. ✈️ Effortless, self-hosted continuous deployment for small teams and projects

    Go 124 17

  5. πŸ“Ί Interactive, synchronized YouTube streaming

    TypeScript 17 4

  6. πŸ’­ A 'choose your own adventure' style browser game where the player attempts to survive a year as a student at UBC

    TypeScript 4


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