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Cumulus 💸

Cryptocurrency that doesn't waste your time.

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At UBC Launch Pad we’ve been interested in crypto-currency and blockchain tech for a while now, and after several months of experimentation we’re excited to announce our latest project. Cumulus is a new cryptocurrency with its own blockchain and token. The current command line interface allows users to create wallets, mine coins, and send funds to other users.

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there already, so it’s a fair question to ask what makes Cumulus special over other, more entrenched currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The short answer is because we’re all excited by the possibilities created by this technology! In addition, there are many problems in the blockchain space that remain to be solved. Other cryptocurrencies have significant downsides like small block sizes and vast computation waste spent securing the network. We are addressing many of these problems in Cumulus. Beyond that, we see massive opportunities in this space in the years to come. Cumulus is the infrastructure on which we can build in the blockchain space as it matures.

You can read more about Cumulus in the Medium post introducting the project as well as the extensive wiki documentation.


MacOS - the Cumulus CLI can be installed using Homebrew:

brew install ubclaunchpad/tap/cumulus

Windows - the Cumulus CLI can be installed using Scoop:

scoop bucket add ubclaunchpad
scoop install cumulus

You can check the installation and see the Cumulus CLI documentation by running:

cumulus --help


First, install Go and grab the Cumulus source code:

go get -u

Cumulus uses dep for dependency management. The following will install dep and run dep ensure:

make deps

You can now build and run Cumulus:

make run-console


make test