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Publish (release) Docs

This release features improvements in using Inertia accounts with login-related commands and other CLI improvements, as well as a switch away from Docker Hub for Inertia daemon images that necessitates a breaking change.

⚠️ Breaking Changes

Older Inertia daemon images (pre-v0.6.2) are now no longer supported, since the Inertia CLI now bootstraps remotes using our new GitHub Container Registry images (#692, #708). If you have remotes using unsupported versions configured, you will see a warning message and be unable to access inertia [remote] commands for that remote:

⚠  Failed to load remote "my-remote": daemon version <0.6.2 is not supported by this version of the Inertia client

To fix this, please upgrade your remotes after installing the new Inertia CLI and update your required Inertia version in project configuration:

inertia --version                   # should report v0.7.0
inertia remote upgrade [remote]     # upgrade configuration version
inertia [remote] upgrade            # upgrade remote daemon
inertia project set version v0.7.0  # make sure to commit this change

🎉 Enhancements

  • New inertia remote import command to import existing remote configuration (#703)
  • The username last used to log in is now saved in remote configuration (#702)
  • Now building with go1.15 and updated dependencies (#693, #711)


  • Misc. output and formatting fixes (#701 , etc)

Please refer to the complete diff for more details.