Details on updating this tutorial

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This tutorial is generated using the Matlab publish command. As such the html files should not be modified directly, as these changes will be overwritten if the tutorial is republished. Instead, authorized users should follow these steps.

  • See this important note on svn mime types.
  • Checkout a local copy of the tutorial from the svn repository.
  • Make the desired modifications to the .m files in the source subdirectory. There is one file per 'chapter'. See this page for some markup tips, or type `doc publish` in Matlab.
  • Change to the yagtom root directory in Matlab and type `publishSource foo` where foo is the name the Matlab file you modified. Typing `publishSource` alone republishes all of the files in the source directory.
  • Check in the changes.
The root wiki page is not auto-generated. If you add or remove chapters, this will have to be manually updated.