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The Ontology Kickstarter

The Ontology Kickstarter is a web application which helps you start creating you ontology very quickly. It's like yeoman for ontologies.

While creating an ontology the ontologist determines keywords/key terms which is probably be included in the ontology. Ontologist searches these keywords on this application and she is presented with relevant entities that have already been defined somewhere on the web.

Ontologist may traverse within results discovering new entities which she never thought before. Ontologist selects the entities which she want to be included in her kickstart ontology, making even the initial ontology is connected with the whole semantic web.

The ontologist processes these results, selects the entities which she wants in her initial ontology and exports them & their connected entities into an ontology format of her desires.


Ontology reusing is my mSC research subject. I am developing an ontology reusing methodology which will make reusing step more defined and concrete. This tool is being developed to support the new methodology and make it easy to use.

Traversing within results in a creative UI and concept of exporting an ontology in triple basis instead of using the whole ontology are the two key things that this application provides.


This application is developed using Play Framework 2.2 using Scala and Angular.js and Bootstrap. The whole list of technologies helped this project in credits section.

Live Application

Due to server maintenance costs this application is not alive in anywhere.


Click here for all screenshots!

TOK Screenshot

Running application on your machine

  1. Download and install PlayFramework 2.2. Refer to their documentation if required.
  2. Install MongoDB 2.6
  3. Run MongoDB.
  4. Create a copy of conf/secret.sample.conf naming it conf/secret.conf.
  5. Edit conf/secret.conf and fill it with your own configuration.
  6. Run application with run on Play console.


  1. Run clean dist on play console to compile application with all its dependencies into single package which is created at target/universal/
  2. Upload this file to the server you want to deploy it to.
  3. Extract uploaded file unzip and check permissions. You need executable permission on bin folder.
  4. Prepare your config files. (Defaults configuration files which you can use as templates can be found at conf directory.)
  5. If you want to customize logger output, read documentation located here.
  6. Run application with something like this. (Modify for your own needs.)

nohup sudo -u tezapp /path/to/tezapp/bin/tezapp -mem 768 -J-server -Dhttp.port=9000 -Dhttp.address= -Dconfig.file=/path/to/conf/myconf.conf -Dlogger.file=/path/to/logConf/logConfig.xml > /dev/null &


If you have any ideas, feature requests or if you found a bug please open an issue.

If you want to help by showing your coding skills, create a Pull Request for an issue.


These are the libraries, frameworks etc. that are used in this project.



Data Sources


The Ontology Kickstarter is a web application which helps you start creating your new ontology faster.







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