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README: Add Thai translation (#68)

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pallat authored and abhinav committed Oct 31, 2019
1 parent 425af66 commit 7eb64c6cb304471c868273d919c2d34993e2daa7
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@@ -13,5 +13,6 @@ We are aware of the following translations of this guide by the Go community.
- **한국어 번역** (Korean): [TangoEnSkai/uber-go-style-guide-kr](
- **日本語訳** (Japanese): [knsh14/uber-style-guide-ja](
- **Traducción al Español** (Spanish): [friendsofgo/uber-go-guide-es](
- **แปลภาษาไทย** (Thai): [pallat/uber-go-style-guide-th](

If you have a translation, feel free to submit a PR adding it to the list.

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