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import Example from '../../components/example'; import API from '../../components/api'; import Layout from '../../components/layout';

import BasicBreadcrumbs from 'examples/breadcrumbs/basic.js'; import PseudoBreadcrumbs from 'examples/breadcrumbs/pseudo.js';

import Overrides from '../../components/overrides'; import {Breadcrumbs} from 'baseui/breadcrumbs'; import * as BreadcrumbsExports from 'baseui/breadcrumbs'; import {StyledLink as Link} from 'baseui/link';

export default Layout;


The Breadcrumbs component is secondary navigation scheme that reveals the user’s location in an application.

<Example title="Breadcrumbs with pseudo separators" path="breadcrumbs/pseudo.js"

This is the recommended approach where SEO/Accessibility is important.


<Overrides name="Breadcrumbs" component={BreadcrumbsExports} renderExample={props => ( Parent Page Sub-Parent Page Current Page )} />

<API heading="Breadcrumbs API" api={require('!!@uber-web-ui/extract-react-types-loader!../../../src/breadcrumbs/breadcrumbs.js')} />

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