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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
<component name="MarkdownProjectSettings">
<PreviewSettings splitEditorLayout="SPLIT" splitEditorPreview="PREVIEW" useGrayscaleRendering="false" zoomFactor="1.0" maxImageWidth="0" showGitHubPageIfSynced="false" allowBrowsingInPreview="false" synchronizePreviewPosition="true" highlightPreviewType="NONE" highlightFadeOut="5" highlightOnTyping="true" synchronizeSourcePosition="true" verticallyAlignSourceAndPreviewSyncPosition="true" showSearchHighlightsInPreview="false" showSelectionInPreview="true">
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<ParserSettings gitHubSyntaxChange="false">
<option name="ABBREVIATIONS" value="false" />
<option name="ANCHORLINKS" value="true" />
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<option name="ATXHEADERSPACE" value="true" />
<option name="AUTOLINKS" value="true" />
<option name="DEFINITIONS" value="false" />
<option name="DEFINITION_BREAK_DOUBLE_BLANK_LINE" value="false" />
<option name="FENCED_CODE_BLOCKS" value="true" />
<option name="FOOTNOTES" value="false" />
<option name="HARDWRAPS" value="false" />
<option name="HTML_DEEP_PARSER" value="false" />
<option name="INSERTED" value="false" />
<option name="QUOTES" value="false" />
<option name="RELAXEDHRULES" value="true" />
<option name="SMARTS" value="false" />
<option name="STRIKETHROUGH" value="true" />
<option name="SUBSCRIPT" value="false" />
<option name="SUPERSCRIPT" value="false" />
<option name="SUPPRESS_HTML_BLOCKS" value="false" />
<option name="SUPPRESS_INLINE_HTML" value="false" />
<option name="TABLES" value="true" />
<option name="TASKLISTITEMS" value="true" />
<option name="TOC" value="false" />
<option name="WIKILINKS" value="true" />
<option name="COMMONMARK_LISTS" value="true" />
<option name="DUMMY" value="false" />
<option name="EMOJI_SHORTCUTS" value="true" />
<option name="FLEXMARK_FRONT_MATTER" value="false" />
<option name="GFM_LOOSE_BLANK_LINE_AFTER_ITEM_PARA" value="false" />
<option name="GFM_TABLE_RENDERING" value="true" />
<option name="GITBOOK_URL_ENCODING" value="false" />
<option name="GITHUB_EMOJI_URL" value="false" />
<option name="GITHUB_LISTS" value="false" />
<option name="GITHUB_WIKI_LINKS" value="true" />
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<option name="SIM_TOC_BLANK_LINE_SPACER" value="true" />
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
go get
go get
go get
go install

pushd .
cd vendor/
go install .
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
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AresDB is a GPU-based analytics engine with storage and query. The goal is to develop a real time analytics system with fresh data and interactive response time at low cost.
This repo contains the source code of AresDB and debug UI.

Legal Note
AresDB requires CUDA Toolkit. Please ensure you read, acknowledge, and accept the [CUDA End User License Agreement](

Getting started
To get AresDB:

git clone $GOPATH/src/

NVIDIA Driver and CUDA Setup
AresDB needs [NVIDIA driver]( version >= 390.48 and [CUDA]( version 9.1.

Environment Variables
Make sure following environment variables are correctly set:
export PATH=/path/to/cuda/bin:${PATH}
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/cuda/lib64:/path/to/aresdb/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}

Language Requirements
Building and running AresDB requires:
* [golang]( 1.9+
* C++ compiler that support c++11
* [nvcc]( version 9.1

Following dependencies need to be installed before build the binary.

### glide
We use [glide]( to manage Go dependencies. Please make sure `glide` is in your PATH before you attempt to build.


Local Test
AresDB is written in C++(query engine) and Golang (mem store, disk store, disk store and other query components.) So we break test into 2 parts:
### Test Golang Code
#### ginkgo
We use [ginkgo]( as the test framework for running golang unit test and coverage, install it first and run
make test

### Test C++ Code
#### google-test
We use [google-test]( as the test framework to test c++ code, install it first and set environment variable GTEST_ROOT to the installed location.

And then run
make test-cuda

Run AresDB Server
Following command will start a AresDB server locally, you can start query it using curl command or swagger page
make run


We'd love your help in making AresDB great. If you find a bug or need a new feature, open an issue and we will respond as fast as we can. If you want to implement new feature(s) and/or fix bug(s) yourself, open a pull request with the appropriate unit tests and we will merge it after review.

**Note:** All contributors also need to fill out the [Uber Contributor License Agreement]( before we can merge in any of your changes.


Interested in learning more about AresDB? Read the blog post:

Apache 2.0 License, please see [LICENSE](LICENSE) for details.
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
package stats

import (

func TestUtils(t *testing.T) {
junitReporter := reporters.NewJUnitReporter("junit.xml")
ginkgo.RunSpecsWithDefaultAndCustomReporters(t, "Ares Stats Suite", []ginkgo.Reporter{junitReporter})
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