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v0.21.3 Release

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@yycptt yycptt released this 17 Jun 18:40


05fb808 Support delaying cron workflows (#4196)
875b690 Update admin db commands to support all registered SQL dbs (#4189)

Bug Fix & Improvements

0cc2fe3 Rollback workflow already completed error (#4209)
5ad53e3 Fix domain last updated time in updateDomain Operation (#4211)
fce6eaa Check identity length before RespondDecisionTaskCompleted to history (#4215)
49bc2c0 Add dynamic configs and metrics to control/monitor per id lengths (#4173)
d55f707 Fix describeWorkflowExecution in passive cluster (#4203)
94a0991 Use frontend client in parentClosePolicy workflow to allow auto-forwarding (#4202)
50db73e Add nextEventID for frontend PollForDecisionTask response (#4190)
d893a9c Fix sql error conversion (#4194)
54d2653 Improve error handling for SQL persistence implementation (#4178)
40fb112 Fix proto mapper for Payload (#4184)
cd40ea3 Handle workflow not exist error when archiving history (#4181)


36cfde8 Update docker for 0.21.3 patch release
73a2ceb Go mod tidy