Testing local DOS due to getaddrinfo() exhaustion
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Denial of Service establishing connections to localhost

Infrastructure to test getaddrinfo() on different systems when DNS servers are timing out. Thorough analysis, project history and technical background is in Uber Engineering Blog.

Problem statement

If a service resolves and opens connections to dependencies through DNS, a flaky DNS of the dependency can DOS the service by preventing opening new connections to seemingly innocent endpoints like localhost.

This repository provides information about which programming languages and development environments are vulnerable.

How it works

For every language/environment, a container is configured with:

  • Unreachable DNS server.
  • HTTP server running on :8080 and logging to a known path.

An environment test does the following:

  • Call http://localhost:8080. This call should always succeed; if it doesn't, there is an error in the test.
  • Call http://example.org N times in parallel, do not wait for the result. N depends on knowledge of the environment, usually a few more than the default thread pool size.
  • Wait 1 second to make sure all calls of the above are scheduled.
  • Call http://localhost:8080. This call will succeed iff the application is not vulnerable.

Scripts checks the number of times http://localhost:8080 is called:

  • 0: there is an error with the setup. Script should succeed at least once.
  • 1: application is vulnerable. First invocation succeeded, second failed.
  • 2: application is not vulnerable.


To add a new programming language/environment, check the nodejs-http example. If you created a test for your (favorite) language/environment, please submit a pull request here, so others can benefit from your work too.

Travis-ci is testing the examples and verifying whether the report in the pull request is accurate. If travis-ci build fails, you probably forgot to commit this file. :)


List of tested programming languages:

Name Comment Safe
erlang-httpc Erlang 20.1 with inets httpc unsafe
golang-http Golang 1.9.2 with 'net/http' from stdlib safe
nodejs-http Node 8.9.1 with 'http' from stdlib unsafe
python3-tornado Python 3.6.3 with Tornado 4.5.2 unsafe