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Contributing to the H3 project

Pull requests and Github issues are welcome!

Pull requests

  • Please include tests that show the bug is fixed or feature works as intended.
  • Please add a description of your change to the Unreleased section of the changelog.
  • Please open issues to discuss large features or changes which would break compatibility, before submitting pull requests.
  • Please keep H3 compatible with major C compilers, such as GCC, Clang, and MSVC.
  • Please keep code coverage of the core H3 library at 100%.

Before we can merge your changes, you must agree to the Uber Contributor License Agreement.

Other ways to contribute

In addition to making pull requests and Github issues on the @uber/h3 repository, there are other ways you can contribute. Here are some suggestions:

  • Writing and updating the documentation website.
  • Writing bindings for your preferred language.
  • Writing components so that your preferred GIS, mapping, or visualization system can display H3 indexes.