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Diablo 3 Gem Crafting Assistanty Thingy

What is GemBuddy

GemBuddy is a poorly-written application that "assists" D3 players with creating Gems. Why? Because everyone knows the gem crafting process is the biggest waste of time in the world. Your time is better spent eating dirt, it's honestly that useless of a process. Having said that, the process is so useless that few people actually take the time to do it and thus there is gold to be made. Automating that process is just the icing on the free-gold cake.

Are there risks to using this?

For sure, you could get banned. My advice.. don't use it. I don't, and you shouldn't either.

How do I use it?

It's fairly simple. Make sure you're running D3 in Fullscreen - Windowed mode. After that simply launch (or compile and launch) GemBuddy.

In D3 walk over to the jeweler with your inventory loaded with gems and tomes, and scroll to the set of gems you wish to craft. Then alt-tab to GemBuddy (which should now be hovering over D3, very important).

Type in the number of Tier1 gems you want to craft. These are often the very first level of gems you're able to start making. If you have 33 Flawless Squares you'll be able to make 11 Perfect Squares, etc. After typing in the value you're able to craft (which again, the game tells you directly on your screen), press Set. Then move your mouse over that gem in the listing and press 1. Then move to the gem type directly above it and press 2. Then move to the gem type above that and press 3. Finally move to the Craft button and press 4.

While doing this process the text for Tier1 Tier2 Tier3 and Crafting Button should change to SET. Finally press 9 to begin the process. It may appear to freeze, THIS IS NORMAL. The application has built-in delays when selecting gems ranging from 4 to 12 seconds to make it appear more human like. After it crafts the Tier1 quantity it will move to Tier2 and 3.

If you're fancy and have 2 displays it's best if you have the GemBuddy on the second display as you can see the remaining crafting counts. To quit, alt-tab to the application and press 9 again. Alt-tabbing while it's clicking can be tricky so you'll need to be patient and nimble.

Getting Support

There is none. Modify the code and recompile if you want to fix/enhance something. If it's worthwhile create a pull request.

I got banned!

Sorry, now you're free from the shackles of D3.