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Ubercube - open source voxel first person shooter
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Ubercube is a first person shooter multi-player game set in a completely destroyable voxel world. The map can be procedurally generated or pre-made.

The game is in development, for more information on it we have french updates and more info on the #Ubercube and on the Ubercube twitter account.

Ubercube is fully open source and licensed under the GNU 3.0 License and available in source code form at GitHub


The Team

How to play ?

There are two different ways you can play the game:

You can compile the game yourself by following the steps described in the How to compile section, or you can download the game directly and play either on are own servers for free or on your own custom servers at this link:

Either ways, have fun !

How to report a bug ?

If you encounter any bugs, you can submit an issue and we will do are best to fix it. If you understand French you can also join are discord server here:

How to compile ?

Clone master's branch (to compile the official ubercube release) on your computer:

$ git clone --depth=1

Or download the archive here.

The compilation is done with Maven so you need to install it.

$ cd ubercube
$ mvn package assembly:single

Then you just have to run a server then a client.

Client :

$ java -cp ubercube.jar fr.veridiangames.client.MainComponent ip:port username

Server :

$ java -cp ubercube.jar fr.veridiangames.server.ServerMain port


Thanks to them !

  • MimusAngel - for helping in the beginning with the game and for his awesome BufferData class !
  • Arthur/Neko - for helping with the game management and for his awesome help with the physics and for the launcher !
  • Freezee - for helping with gameplay ideas and with game management !
  • MrDev023 - for helping with the launcher !
  • Aiko - for helping with the network stuff !

And thanks to everybody who gave ideas and everybody who helped with the developpement !

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