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Weechat-Android relay client

This is a WeeChat relay client for Android.

This application is not a standalone an IRC client. It connects to WeeChat that has to be running on a remote machine. If you are looking for a standalone IRC client for Android, you will need to look elsewhere.

Get the app!

Google Play




Latest Development Snapshot Build Status

If you're feeling adventurous, you can try the latest development version. This is built after every commit, and while we try to keep a working build, it may fail or have major bugs. Use at your own risk.

Google Play Nightly Builds

We now have automatic builds published to the google play store as commits are made. This is the same as the snapshot builds you can get above, just published to the google play store for convenience. It only includes builds of the master branch. These builds are published to the beta branch, so you need to be a beta test for this application. To participate, you need to “become a tester”. After that either get it from Google Play or scan this QR code:


Installation and usage

Please refer to the quick start guide for details.


Brand new look and feel!

Bug reports and contributing

Please report any bugs or feature requests here on GitHub (See the Issues tab) or join #weechat-android on Freenode. Please include the Build Identifier found in the about screen if possible. Pull requests are welcome!

All of the source code is available right here on GitHub. For additional information see the introduction to setting up your IDE, relay protocol documentation and WeeChat main page.

FAQ and Tips & Tricks



  • Bundled notifications with instant reply on Android 7+
  • A menu switch that instantly turns filtering on or off
  • Use RecyclerView that comes with some animations
  • Buffer title is now at the top of buffer lines
  • Ask user for permission to read external storage
  • Library updates and stability fixes


  • Service to run only while connecting/connected; quit button removed
  • “Fetch more” button
  • SSH library update; require known hosts; store known hosts and key inside app
  • Significant refactoring of connectivity; stunnel removed
  • Better logging and error handling

v0.11 - November 2015

  • Material design
  • Ping mechanism
  • Color schemes
  • Read marker line
  • Ability to resend lines
  • Font preference
  • More notification options
  • Weechat → relay synchronization every 5 minutes
  • Validation of settings
  • Better url detection
  • A bunch of stability fixes

v0.10 - Skipped/unreleased

v0.9-rc1 - Oct 25th, 2014

  • Too much to list, lots and lots and lots of fixes, UI tweaks, and changes
  • Special thanks to @oakkitten and @mhoran for their help and contributions


  • SSL Support
  • Swiping to change buffers
  • SSH Keyfile support
  • Lots of other small things

v0.07 - June 13th, 2012

  • Tab completion for nicks(tab key or search button)
  • Automatic reconnection
  • Stunnel support(see: Stunnel Guide)
  • Text size preference
  • Massive performance tweak/bandwith reduction
  • Other bug fixes

v0.06 - May 13th, 2012

  • Rewrite rendering of chat messages(improved performance)
  • Added about screen
  • Made links in messages clickable
  • Fixed bug with irc colors in topics
  • Password now hidden in preferences
  • Added preference for prefix alignment
  • Keyboard behaves nicer in chats

v0.05-dev - May 11th, 2012

  • Complete rewrite of the frontend
  • Support Notifications
  • Background service
  • Message filters
  • UTF-8 Support(Fixes #1)


  • Skipped


  • Preferences for Colors/Timestamp
  • Highlight support for messages
  • Misc bugfixes


  • Colors!
  • A few bugfixes


  • Initial Release