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Micropython on ESP8266

The repository provides a Dockerfile to build the Micropython firmware for ESP8266 boards.

Attention: The binary has been built and tested on OSX 10.11 running docker-machine

Build Instructions

Build the docker image. To specify a particular version of micropython provide it through the build-arg. Otherwise the HEAD of the master branch will be used.

  docker build -t micropython --build-arg VERSION=v1.8.1 .

Once the container is built successfuly create a container from the image

  docker create --name micropython micropython

Then copy the the built firmware into the host machine.

  docker cp micropython:/micropython/esp8266/build/firmware-combined.bin firmware-combined.bin

The firmware can then be uploaded with the esptool --port ${SERIAL_PORT} --baud 115200 write_flash --verify --flash_size=8m 0 firmware-combined.bin

Here ${SERIAL_PORT} is the path to the serial device on which the board is connected.

Flash from within Container

If you have built the image directly on your host (Linux), you also can flash your ESP directly by running a container from the image.

docker run --rm -it --device ${SERIAL_PORT} --user root --workdir /micropython/esp8266 micropython make PORT=${SERIAL_PORT} deploy

Here ${SERIAL_PORT} is the path to the serial device on which the board is connected.

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