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# Install dependencies
# Run the app
yarn start


clean - removes lib and release folders.

build - build project code and app once.

build:lib - build project code once.

build:lib:watch - build project code after each code update.

start - run an app once for debug.

start:proxy - run app once with proxy port for grape-web-client

start:watch - run the app with hot-reload after each code update.

start:watch:proxy - run app with hot-reload after each code update and proxy port for grape-web-client.

release - build and upload the app build to GitHub releases. Before the run, set up with Releasing chapter.

release:win - build and upload the app build for Windows to GitHub releases. Use GH_TOKEN as an environment variable to set up a GitHub token for automatic upload.

release:ci - build and upload the app build for Linux to GitHub releases from GitLab CI.

i18n:export - export language files from src/i18n to i18n.

i18n:import - import language files to src/i18n from i18n.


# Pull latest changes
git pull
# Reinstall dependencies
rm -rf node_modules && yarn

To build the app, you need to use a local environment for macOS and Windows and GitLab CI for Linux. General processes will be described below. And OS-specific below them, with OS type title name.

Creating a release draft

If version already drafted, please skip these steps. You can check releases here.

  1. Create version commit. Change version field in package.json for the version you want to release, e.g. 1.0.0 and increment buildVersion, e.g you should change 99 to 100.
  2. Push this commit with same commit message as version in package.json.
  3. Set a new GitHub release draft. A tag should be same as version field in package.json but with v prefix. For example for version 1.0.0 tag name is v1.0.0. Release name and descriptions can be anything you want.

More info here.

Setup token

If you already have .token file in the root of the project, please skip these steps.

  1. Go to token page and create one with write:packages permission.
  2. Copy token to the clipboard.
  3. Create .token file in the root of the project.
  4. Paste token and save the file.

For Windows build, with release:win please use GH_TOKEN environment variable to provide GitHub token.

Provide credentials from Apple ID

If you already have .apple-user and .apple-password files in the root of the project, please skip these steps.

  1. Create .apple-user and .apple-password files
  2. Paste user and password to those files. If you're using 2FA, create App-Specific Password. More details here.


Run the command below, to build and upload a new app to draft release. Please make sure that all needed certificates installed. Check documentation to know how to export certificate. Ask Apple Developer Account owner for your developer account and help with providing certificates.

yarn release

After, you'll see mas, dmg and zip files in the draft release.

MacOS store build

For macOS store build please set hardenedRuntime to false in config. To speed up the build process for the app store version, you can leave only mas target in macOS targets field.


If you're doing release first time, you need to ask somebody to grant permissions for GitLab repo. And then save your token to GITHUB_PUBLISH_TOKEN variable in "Variables" section in GitLab repository. Path is "Settings" -> "CI/CD" -> "Variables"

  1. Push your latest changes with release commit to GitLab.
  2. Go to "CI/CD" -> "Pipelines", and click "Run pipeline".
  3. Choose the correct branch and click "Run pipeline" again.
  4. It will initiate a build and uploading process. After the process will be finished, you'll see tar.gz, deb, rpm and AppImage builds in the draft release.


Please download and install pre-configured Windows 10 virtual image for VirtualBox. You can find by this link (only accessible to Grape developers) or in external drive at the office.

Run the command below, to build and upload a new app to draft release.

  1. Put USB-token to a USB drive.
  2. GH_TOKEN=<token> yarn release:win
  3. Go to Passbolt account and copy a password from "Sectigo USB security token" resource, if it's not available for you, ask for access from a responsible person.
  4. Paste every time, when "Token Logon" window will be prompted.

After you'll see exe, msi and appx builds in the draft release.

Windows store build

To build the Windows store version you need to remove all of the fields related to the signature process because Windows store requires an unsigned app. So, to build it please remove certificateSubjectName and rfc3161TimeStampServer fields. Also to speed build-up, you can leave only appx in Windows targets field.