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transparent ES5 models

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$ component install Swatinem/model


There are shitloads of Model components already, like component/model or modella/modella, but I’m unsatisfied with both of them. They come with shitloads of dependencies, hell, component/model even has complete RESTful save() support.

This is just the bare minimum of property binding and extensibility. You get change (prop, value, old) and change prop (value, old) events, just like with component/model. But the instances are completely transparent, thanks to ES5 accessor properties, so you can just write instance.prop += 'foo' or whatever you like. It just works. See Compatibility though.


Defines a new Model with a the gives properties. properties can also be key -> value pairs, where the value is saved as metadata in model._attrs

.on('construct') -> (instance, data)

Hook into this if you want to create new instance private properties.

.use(extension) .use([extensions]) -> (model)

Use one or more extensions that get called with the model.

You can create new methods on the Model to facilitate things like validation.

Or create new methods on the prototype to implement things like .save().

Monkeypatch the .prototype._set method to implement things like dirty tracking.

Check the tests for some examples.

.attr(name, metadata)

Defines a new property with optional metadata. Using the constructor is faster however.


var Model = require('model');

var User = new Model(['name', 'email']);

var instance = new User({name: 'Foo', email: ''});

instance.on('change name', function (value, old) {}); = 'Foobar';; // => 'Foobar'


This depends on ES5 support for accessor properties with getters and setters, so this is IE >= 9, FF >= 4. It’s 2013 damnit! You backwards compat nazis should just grow up and enjoy all the nice features modern JS has to offer :-)