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OTR group chat via WebRTC

This is a group chat via WebRTC with messages being encrypted using the OTR protocol. We've written a simple node.js server for signaling and room management and used React/Flux for the front-end.


You must have npm installed on your computer. From the root project directory run these commands from the command line:

npm install

This will install all dependencies.

To start a local server and a watch-task updating all buildfiles, run:

grunt reloading

To build the project like we've done for a cloudfoundry-type staging server, run:

grunt build

and deploy everything inside the build directory.

Technical Details

We've only specified a single STUN server in client/scripts/transport/ and omitted TURN-servers. If you want to add your own servers (STUN and/or TURN), add them to that list.

You can find quite an up-to-date list here: STUN+TURN servers list. This should get you started for trying out the chat. But for production applications you should get permission from all TURN/STUN servers you use and only use servers you trust as clients expose info about their networking infrastructure to them. Ideally you would set up your own servers.