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+For 30 years we thought that the only way to defeat cancer was to kill the
+cancer cells. Brian Druker came up with a novel approach to fighting cancer in
+the form of a drug called Glevac. Glevac doesn't involve the traditional side
+affects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy. With cancer causing 1 in 4
+deaths in our country, Glevac is a drug that could completely change how we
+treat those with cancer. The innovative strategy Glevac employs is figuring out
+the actual cause of a specific cancer; If the cause has been discovered, then
+there is hope for a cure. Glevac can actually be used to cure 10 different
+kinds of cancer (all the cured cancers share a common cause). To discover the
+causes of cancer (every cancer is different) Druker suggested that we invest a
+lot more resources that are currently being allocated to cancer research. He
+pointed out that cancer research is splintered into competeing labs that don't
+work together and instead focus on their own research. Another thing I learned
+from Druker's talk was that it is very expensive to develop a drugs and drug
+development is a very risky investment for drug companies. Druker said
+developing a single drug can cost anywhere between $500 million to $1 Billion
+and that there is a 1 in 10 chance of the drug being successful being

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