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Install Notes

m128ref.inf found here

ls AVR000/m128ref.inf

OSU's avrdude is found here

svn co --username uberj

Follow the instuctions on Beaversource to install avrdude.

The avra is found here

wget -O avara-1.3.0.tar.bz2

I had some trouble installing this, here are the hacks I did to get it installed.

cd avra-1.3.0/src/
touch NEWS ChangeLog
automake --add-missing
sudo make install

Make sure you have the package automake and build-essentials installed (this is what they are called on ubuntu).

Note: Don't get the avr assembler from ubuntu's repo's or EPEL. The version is ancient.

Now that you have everything installed you can compile .asm files into .hex.

avra ece375-L1_v2.asm

You should now see a .hex file. Use avrdude to upload it to the board.

/usr/local/bin/avrdude -c osuisp2 -P /dev/usb/hiddev0 -p m128 -e -U flash:w:ece375-L1_v2.hex -v
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