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/* dynArray.h : Dynamic Array implementation. */
struct DynArr
int lock;
int *data; /* pointer to the data array */
int size; /* Number of elements in the array */
int capacity; /* capacity ofthe array */
typedef struct DynArr DynArr;
/* Dynamic Array Functions */
void initDynArr(DynArr *v, int capacity);
DynArr *newDynArr(int cap);
void freeDynArr(DynArr *v);
void deleteDynArr(DynArr *v);
void _dynArrSetCapacity(DynArr *v, int newCap);
int sizeDynArr(DynArr *v);
void addDynArr(DynArr *v, int val);
int getDynArr(DynArr *v, int pos);
void putDynArr(DynArr *v, int pos, int val);
void swapDynArr(DynArr *v, int i, int j);
void removeAtDynArr(DynArr *v, int idx);
int isEmptyDynArr(DynArr *v);
void copyDynArr(DynArr *source, DynArr *destination);
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