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Over lay network
Connection - A node to node connection is defined as a TCP/TLS connection between two nodes on the network.
Circuit - A circuit exists on a connection. Multiple circuits can exists over a single connection.
Cell - One 512K data unit in the Tor network.
Socket Buffer -
+Uptime -
+Bulk Transfer -
Primary Research Question
@@ -138,6 +143,61 @@ in Tor: slow and steady wins the race with Tortoise.” Proceedings of the 27th
Applications Conference. ACSAC ’11. New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2011, 207–216.
+Primary Research Question
+Will introducing a universal rate limit improve the performance of web traffic
+in Tor.
+Secondary Research Questions
+The idea of blocking all BitTorrent by using DPI was explored and rejected on
+because doing so would run contrary to Tor's purpose: to provide users with
+unfiltered access to the internet. Furthurmore, users could bypass DPI by
+disguising their traffic (by compression or encryption) to render DPI
+The authors propose an incentive based strategy to encourage users to run
+their own relays. The first step would be to rate limit on all users at the
+ingress of the Tor network. Internal nodes in the network will not be filtered
+and it is theorized that this will motivate users who use high amounts of
+bandwidth to set up their own relay Onion Routers to bypass the universal rate
+limit. It is not intended that all users run relays, esspecially the users
+that are connecting from cuntries who's internet is filtered.
+Tortuise would require that a relay be listed as 'STABLE' and 'FAST' by the
+Tor directory service (these labels are only given to relays that have had
+table uptime for two weeks). This would prevent users from quickly setting up a
+temporary relay and easily bypassing the rate limit. The reliance on accurate
+directories is noted as a necissary deficiency.
+Advanced users could circuimvent Tortoies.
+Tortoise may decrease trade anonymity for higher preformance because higher
+bandwidth connections can easily be identified as users who are preforming
+bulk transfer.
+By simulating a 1000 node Tor network that was running Torties, webclients
+only saw a %15 decrease in transfer speed while bulk transfer users
+experienced a %31 decrease in available bandwidth. This decrease in available
+bandwidth was considered to be enough to motivate high bandwidth users to run
+their own relays.
+Tortoies can cause and increase in CPU usage on an edge router because it has
+to apply the universal rate limit to all traffic that is sees. Tortoies is not
+compatible with Tor's bridge relays. It is also possible to launch an attack
+where a client achieves high bandwidth by spreading his connection over many
+Tor circuits. Tortoies has not been tried on the actual Tor network.
Tang, Can and Goldberg, Ian. “An improved algorithm for tor circuit scheduling.” Proceedings of the 17th
ACM conference on Computer and communications security. CCS ’10. New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2010, 329–

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