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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
It is my goal to investigate how engineers are working to improve latency and congestion issues in
Tor. The literature review will include all scholarly articles on Tor found via the Academic Search
@@ -112,16 +112,21 @@ \subsection*{White Papers}
\citeauthor*{Bauer}: This paper discusses the consequences of replacing the Round Robin algorithm and
proposes a new scheduling algorithm.
+<<<<<<< HEAD
\citeauthor*{Edman}: This paper explores modifying Tor's path selection algorithm to help
clients avoid observers from discovering their identities.
+ \citeauthor*{Edman}: This paper explores modifications to Tor's path selection algorithm to help
+ clients prevent observers from discovering their identities.
+>>>>>>> e3f8fdafa3efb1fd57179bfd965cfcbe8b708aa3
\citeauthor*{Moore}: This paper describes a different idea of how to improve latency. The
authors propose that traffic should be throttled at the ingress of the network.
Tor is a valuable cyber anonymity tool for many disciplines.
@@ -133,7 +138,12 @@ \section*{Conclusion}
I am asking for approval to do a literature review on the ways engineers are addressing the
congestion and latency issues within the Tor network.
+<<<<<<< HEAD
+\center \renewcommand\refname{Work Cited\\ }
+>>>>>>> e3f8fdafa3efb1fd57179bfd965cfcbe8b708aa3

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