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Use transaction.commit_on_success as a decorator.

Django 1.2 does not support using transaction.commit_on_success as a
context manager, so we'll use it as a decorator.
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1 parent 5c708ba commit d7681de823aafe5b41b808209af9bc457549ef4a @joshbohde joshbohde committed Jun 8, 2012
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@@ -1975,15 +1975,15 @@ def obj_delete(self, request=None, **kwargs):
+ @transaction.commit_on_success()
def patch_list(self, request, **kwargs):
An ORM-specific implementation of ``patch_list``.
Necessary because PATCH should be atomic (all-success or all-fail)
and the only way to do this neatly is at the database level.
- with transaction.commit_on_success():
- return super(ModelResource, self).patch_list(request, **kwargs)
+ return super(ModelResource, self).patch_list(request, **kwargs)
def rollback(self, bundles):

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