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Added warning to docs regarding mod_wsgi and Authorization HTTP heade…

…r with ApiKeyAuthentication. Fixes #587.
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commit dbfd75bf55a010db129518989d83944e52efac1b 1 parent 1547ee9
@mattaustin mattaustin authored joshbohde committed
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  1. +8 −0 docs/authentication_authorization.rst
8 docs/authentication_authorization.rst
@@ -106,6 +106,14 @@ objects. Hooking it up looks like::
models.signals.post_save.connect(create_api_key, sender=User)
+.. warning::
+ If you're using Apache & ``mod_wsgi``, you will need to enable
+ ``WSGIPassAuthorization On``, otherwise ``mod_wsgi`` strips out the
+ ``Authorization`` header. See `this post`_ for details (even though it
+ only mentions Basic auth).
+.. _`this post`:
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