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2012-04-08 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.10.0 released)
2012-04-08 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (make_query): All EDNS values may now be
specified when calling make_query()
* dns/ Specifying source_port had no effect if source was
not specified. We now use the appropriate wildcard source in
that case.
* dns/ (Resolver.query): source_port may now be
* dns/ (Resolver.query): Switch to TCP when a UDP
response is truncated. Handle nameservers that serve on UDP
but not TCP.
2012-04-07 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (from_xfr): now takes a
'check_origin' parameter which defaults to True. If set to
False, then dnspython will not make origin checks on the zone.
Thanks to Carlos Perez for the report.
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (SSHFP.from_text): Allow whitespace in
the text string. Thanks to Jan Andres for the report and the
* dns/ (from_wire): dns.message.from_wire() now takes
an 'ignore_trailing' parameter which defaults to False. If set
to True, then trailing junk will be ignored instead of causing
TrailingJunk to be raised. Thanks to Shane Huntley for
contributing the patch.
2011-08-22 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added LRUCache. In this cache implementation,
the cache size is limited to a user-specified number of nodes, and
when adding a new node to a full cache the least-recently used
node is removed.
2011-07-13 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ dns.resolver.override_system_resolver()
overrides the socket module's versions of getaddrinfo(),
getnameinfo(), getfqdn(), gethostbyname(), gethostbyname_ex() and
gethostbyaddr() with an implementation which uses a dnspython stub
resolver instead of the system's stub resolver. This can be
useful in testing situations where you want to control the
resolution behavior of python code without having to change the
system's resolver settings (e.g. /etc/resolv.conf).
dns.resolver.restore_system_resolver() undoes the change.
2011-07-08 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ dnspython now provides its own, stricter, versions
of IPv4 inet_ntoa() and inet_aton() instead of using the OS's
* dns/ inet_aton() now bounds checks embedded IPv4 addresses
more strictly. Also, now only dns.exception.SyntaxError can be
raised on bad input.
2011-04-05 Bob Halley <>
* Old DNSSEC types (KEY, NXT, and SIG) have been removed.
* Bounds checking of slices in rdata wire processing is now more
strict, and bounds errors (e.g. we got less data than was
expected) now raise dns.exception.FormError rather than
2011-03-28 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.9.4 released)
2011-03-24 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Rdata._wire_cmp): We need to specify no
compression and an origin to _wire_cmp() in case names in the
rdata are relative names.
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (SIG._cmp): Add missing 'import struct'.
Thanks to Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis for reporting the
2011-03-24 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.9.3 released)
2011-03-22 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ a boolean parameter, 'raise_on_no_answer', has
been added to the query() methods. In no-error, no-data
situations, this parameter determines whether NoAnswer should be
raised or not. If True, NoAnswer is raised. If False, then an
Answer() object with a None rrset will be returned.
* dns/ Answer() objects now have a canonical_name field.
2011-01-11 Bob Halley <>
* Dnspython was erroneously doing case-insensitive comparisons
of the names in NSEC and RRSIG RRs. Thanks to Casey Deccio for
reporting this bug.
2010-12-17 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (_WireReader._get_section): use "is" and not "=="
when testing what section an RR is in. Thanks to James Raftery
for reporting this bug.
2010-12-10 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Resolver.query): disallow metaqueries.
* dns/ (Rdata.__hash__): Added a __hash__ method for rdata.
2010-11-23 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.9.2 released)
2010-11-23 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (_need_pycrypto): DSA and RSA are modules, not
functions, and I didn't notice because the test suite masked
the bug! *sigh*
2010-11-22 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.9.1 released)
2010-11-22 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ the "from" style import used to get DSA from
PyCrypto trashed a DSA constant. Now a normal import is used
to avoid namespace contamination.
2010-11-20 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.9.0 released)
2010-11-07 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added validate() to do basic DNSSEC validation
(requires PyCrypto). Thanks to Brian Wellington for the patch.
* dns/ Hash compatibility handling is now its own module.
2010-10-31 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (zone_for_name): A query name resulting in a
CNAME or DNAME response to a node which had an SOA was incorrectly
treated as a zone origin. In these cases, we should just look
higher. Thanks to Gert Berger for reporting this problem.
* Added to examples. This program compares two zones
and shows the differences either in diff-like plain text, or
HTML. Thanks to Dennis Kaarsemaker for contributing this
useful program.
2010-10-27 Bob Halley <>
* Incorporate a patch to use poll() instead of select() by
default on platforms which support it. Thanks to
Peter Schüller and Spotify for the contribution.
2010-10-17 Bob Halley <>
* Python prior to 2.5.2 doesn't compute the correct values for
HMAC-SHA384 and HMAC-SHA512. We now detect attempts to use
them and raise NotImplemented if the Python version is too old.
Thanks to Kevin Chen for reporting the problem.
* Various routines that took the string forms of rdata types and
classes did not permit the strings to be Unicode strings.
Thanks to Ryan Workman for reporting the issue.
* dns/ Added symbolic constants for the algorithm strings.
E.g. you can now say dns.tsig.HMAC_MD5 instead of
"HMAC-MD5.SIG-ALG.REG.INT". Thanks to Cillian Sharkey for
suggesting this improvement.
* dns/ (get_algorithm): fix hashlib compatibility; thanks to
Kevin Chen for the patch.
* dns/ Added key_id() and make_ds().
* dns/ needs to import dns.edns since it uses
2010-05-04 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (RRset.__init__): "covers" was not passed to the
superclass __init__(). Thanks to Shanmuga Rajan for reporting
the problem.
2010-03-10 Bob Halley <>
* The TSIG algorithm value was passed to use_tsig() incorrectly
in some cases. Thanks to 'ducciovigolo' for reporting the problem.
2010-01-26 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.8.0 released)
2010-01-13 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added RSASHA256 and RSASHA512 codepoints; added
other missing codepoints to _algorithm_by_text.
2010-01-12 Bob Halley <>
* Escapes in masterfiles now work correctly. Previously they were
only working correctly when the text involved was part of a domain
* dns/ The tokenizer's get() method now returns Token
objects, not (type, text) tuples.
2009-11-13 Bob Halley <>
* Support has been added for hmac-sha1, hmac-sha224, hmac-sha256,
hmac-sha384 and hmac-sha512. Thanks to Kevin Chen for a
thoughtful, high quality patch.
* dns/ (Update::present): A zero TTL was not added if
present() was called with a single rdata, causing _add() to be
unhappy. Thanks to Eugene Kim for reporting the problem and
submitting a patch.
* dns/ Use os.urandom() if present. Don't seed until
someone wants randomness.
2009-09-16 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ The entropy module needs locking in order to be
used safely in a multithreaded environment. Thanks to Beda Kosata
for reporting the problem.
2009-07-27 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (xfr): The socket was not set to nonblocking mode.
Thanks to Erik Romijn for reporting this problem.
2009-07-23 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/IN/ (SRV._cmp): SRV records were compared
incorrectly due to a cut-and-paste error. Thanks to Tommie
Gannert for reporting this bug.
* dns/ (query): The resolver parameter was not used.
Thanks to Matías Bellone for reporting this bug.
2009-06-23 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (EntropyPool.__init__): open /dev/random unbuffered;
there's no need to consume more randomness than we need. Thanks
to Brian Wellington for the patch.
2009-06-19 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.7.1 released)
2009-06-19 Bob Halley <>
* was omitted from the kit
* Negative prerequisites were not handled correctly in _get_section().
2009-06-19 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.7.0 released)
2009-06-19 Bob Halley <>
* On Windows, the resolver set the domain incorrectly. Thanks
to Brandon Carpenter for reporting this bug.
* Added a to_digestable() method to rdata classes; it returns the
digestable form (i.e. DNSSEC canonical form) of the rdata. For
most rdata types this is the same uncompressed wire form. For
certain older DNS RR types, however, domain names in the rdata
are downcased.
* Added support for the HIP RR type.
2009-06-18 Bob Halley <>
* Added support for the DLV RR type.
* Added various DNSSEC related constants (e.g. algorithm identifiers,
flag values).
* dns/ Added support for BADTRUNC result code.
* dns/ (udp): When checking that addresses are the same,
use the binary form of the address in the comparison. This
ensures that we don't treat addresses as different if they have
equivalent but differing textual representations. E.g. "1:00::1"
and "1::1" represent the same address but are not textually equal.
Thanks to Kim Davies for reporting this bug.
* The resolver's query() method now has an optional 'source' parameter,
allowing the source IP address to be specified. Thanks to
Alexander Lind for suggesting the change and sending a patch.
* Added NSEC3 and NSEC3PARAM support.
2009-06-17 Bob Halley <>
* Fixed NSEC.to_text(), which was only printing the last window.
Thanks to Brian Wellington for finding the problem and fixing it.
2009-03-30 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (xfr): Allow UDP IXFRs. Use "one_rr_per_rrset" mode when
doing IXFR.
2009-03-30 Bob Halley <>
* Add "one_rr_per_rrset" mode switch to methods which parse
messages from wire format (e.g. dns.message.from_wire(),
dns.query.udp(), dns.query.tcp()). If set, each RR read is
placed in its own RRset (instead of being coalesced).
2009-03-30 Bob Halley <>
* Added EDNS option support.
2008-10-16 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ The from_text() parser for DS RRs did not
allow multiple Base64 chunks. Thanks to Rakesh Banka for
finding this bug and submitting a patch.
2008-10-08 Bob Halley <>
* Add entropy module.
* When validating TSIGs, we need to use the absolute name.
2008-06-03 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Message.set_rcode): The mask used preserved the
extended rcode, instead of everything else in ednsflags.
* dns/ (Message.use_edns): ednsflags was not kept
coherent with the specified edns version.
2008-02-06 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (inet_aton): We could raise an exception other than
dns.exception.SyntaxError in some cases.
* dns/ Raise an exception when the peer has set a non-zero
TSIG error.
2007-11-25 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.6.0 released)
2007-11-25 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (_wait_for): if select() raises an exception due to
EINTR, we should just select() again.
2007-06-13 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added is_multicast().
* dns/ (udp): If the queried address is a multicast address, then
don't check that the address of the response is the same as the address
2007-05-24 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/IN/ NAPTR comparisons didn't compare the
preference field due to a typo.
2007-02-07 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Integrate code submitted by Paul Marks to
determine whether a Windows NIC is enabled. The way dnspython
used to do this does not work on Windows Vista.
2006-12-10 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.5.0 released)
2006-11-03 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/IN/ Added support for the DHCID RR type.
2006-11-02 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (udp): Messages from unexpected sources can now be
ignored by setting ignore_unexpected to True.
2006-10-31 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (udp): When raising UnexpectedSource, add more
detail about what went wrong to the exception.
2006-09-22 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Message.use_edns): add reasonable defaults for
the ednsflags, payload, and request_payload parameters.
* dns/ (Message.want_dnssec): add a convenience method for
enabling/disabling the "DNSSEC desired" flag in requests.
* dns/ (make_query): add "use_edns" and "want_dnssec"
2006-08-17 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Resolver.read_resolv_conf): If /etc/resolv.conf
doesn't exist, just use the default resolver configuration (i.e.
the same thing we would have used if resolv.conf had existed and
been empty).
2006-07-26 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Resolver._config_win32_fromkey): fix
cut-and-paste error where we passed the wrong variable to
self._config_win32_search(). Thanks to David Arnold for finding
the bug and submitting a patch.
2006-07-20 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Answer): Add more support for the sequence
protocol, forwarding requests to the answer object's rrset.
E.g. "for a in answer" is equivalent to "for a in answer.rrset",
"answer[i]" is equivalent to "answer.rrset[i]", and
"answer[i:j]" is equivalent to "answer.rrset[i:j]".
2006-07-19 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (xfr): Add IXFR support.
2006-06-22 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/IN/ Added support for the IPSECKEY RR type.
2006-06-21 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ Added support for the SPF RR type.
2006-06-02 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.4.0 released)
2006-04-25 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (RRset.to_rdataset): Added a convenience method
to convert an rrset into an rdataset.
2006-03-27 Bob Halley <>
* Added dns.e164.query(). This function can be used to look for
NAPTR RRs for a specified number in several domains, e.g.:
['', ''])
2006-03-26 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Resolver.query): The resolver deleted from
a list while iterating it, which makes the iterator unhappy.
2006-03-17 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Resolver.query): The resolver needlessly
delayed responses for successful queries.
2006-01-18 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ added a validate() method to the rdata class. If
you change an rdata by assigning to its fields, it is a good
idea to call validate() when you are done making changes.
For example, if 'r' is an MX record and then you execute:
r.preference = 100000 # invalid, because > 65535
The validation will fail and an exception will be raised.
2006-01-11 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ TTLs are now bounds checked to be within the closed
interval [0, 2^31 - 1].
* The BIND 8 TTL syntax is now accepted in the SOA refresh, retry,
expire, and minimum fields, and in the original_ttl field of
SIG and RRSIG records.
2006-01-04 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ The windows registry irritatingly changes the
list element delimiter in between ' ' and ',' (and vice-versa)
in various versions of windows. We now cope by always looking
for either one (' ' first).
2005-12-27 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added routines to convert between E.164 numbers and
their ENUM domain name equivalents.
* dns/ Added routines to convert between IPv4 and
IPv6 addresses and their DNS reverse-map equivalents.
2005-12-18 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (_tuple_to_float): The sign was lost when
converting a tuple into a float, which broke conversions of
south latitudes and west longitudes.
2005-11-17 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ The 'origin' parameter to from_text() and from_file()
is now optional. If not specified, dnspython will use the
first $ORIGIN in the text as the zone's origin.
* dns/ Sanity checks of the zone's origin node can now
be disabled.
2005-11-12 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Preliminary Unicode support has been added for
domain names. Running on a Unicode string
will now encode each label using the IDN ACE encoding. The
to_unicode() method may be used to convert a with
IDN ACE labels back into a Unicode string. This functionality
requires Python 2.3 or greater.
2005-10-31 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.3.5 released)
2005-10-12 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Zone.iterate_rdatasets() and Zone.iterate_rdatas()
did not have a default rdtype of dns.rdatatype.ANY as their
docstrings said they did. They do now.
2005-10-06 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added the parent() method, which returns the
parent of a name.
2005-10-01 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added zone_for_name() helper, which returns
the name of the zone which contains the specified name.
* dns/ Added get_default_resolver(), which returns
the default resolver, initializing it if necessary.
2005-09-29 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Resolver._compute_timeout): If time goes
backwards a little bit, ignore it.
2005-07-31 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.3.4 released)
2005-07-31 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (make_response): Trying to respond to a response
threw a NameError while trying to throw a FormErr since it used
the wrong name for the FormErr exception.
* dns/ (_connect): We needed to ignore EALREADY too.
* dns/ Optional "source" and "source_port" parameters
have been added to udp(), tcp(), and xfr(). Thanks to Ralf
Weber for suggesting the change and providing a patch.
2005-06-05 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ The requirement that the "where" parameter be
an IPv4 or IPv6 address is now documented.
2005-06-04 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ The resolver now does exponential backoff
each time it runs through all of the nameservers.
* dns/ rcodes which indicate a nameserver is likely
to be a "permanent failure" for a query cause the nameserver
to be removed from the mix for that query.
2005-01-30 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.3.3 released)
2004-10-25 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (TXT.from_text): The masterfile parser
incorrectly rejected TXT records where a value was not quoted.
2004-10-11 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added make_response(), which creates a skeletal
response for the specified query. Added opcode() and set_opcode()
convenience methods to the Message class. Added the request_payload
attribute to the Message class.
2004-10-10 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (from_xfr): in relativization
mode incorrectly set zone.origin to the empty name.
2004-09-02 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Name.to_wire): The 'file' parameter to
Name.to_wire() is now optional; if omitted, the wire form will
be returned as the value of the function.
2004-08-14 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Message.find_rrset): find_rrset() now uses an
index, vastly improving the from_wire() performance of large
messages such as zone transfers.
2004-08-07 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.3.2 released)
2004-08-04 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ sending queries to a nameserver via IPv6 now
* dns/ (af_for_address): Add af_for_address(), which looks
at a textual-form address and attempts to determine which address
family it is.
* dns/ the default for the 'af' parameter of the udp(),
tcp(), and xfr() functions has been changed from AF_INET to None,
which causes dns.inet.af_for_address() to be used to determine the
address family. If dns.inet.af_for_address() can't figure it out,
we fall back to AF_INET and hope for the best.
2004-07-31 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (NSEC.from_text): The NSEC text format
does not allow specifying types by number, so we shouldn't either.
* dns/ the renderer module didn't import random,
causing an exception to be raised if a query id wasn't provided
when a Renderer was created.
* dns/ (Resolver.query): the resolver wasn't catching
dns.exception.Timeout, so a timeout erroneously caused the whole
resolution to fail instead of just going on to the next server.
2004-06-16 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (LOC.from_text): LOC milliseconds values
were converted incorrectly if the length of the milliseconds
string was less than 3.
2004-06-06 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.3.1 released)
2004-05-22 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Update.delete): We erroneously specified a
"deleting" value of dns.rdatatype.NONE instead of
dns.rdataclass.NONE when the thing being deleted was either an
Rdataset instance or an Rdata instance.
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ Added support for the proposed SSHFP
RR type.
2004-05-14 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (from_text): The masterfile reader did not
accept the unknown RR syntax when used with a known RR type.
2004-05-08 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (from_text): did not raise
an exception if a backslash escape ended prematurely.
2004-04-09 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (_MasterReader._rr_line): The masterfile reader
erroneously treated lines starting with leading whitespace but
not having any RR definition as an error. It now treats
them like a blank line (which is not an error).
2004-04-01 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.3.0 released)
2004-03-19 Bob Halley <>
* Added support for new DNSSEC types RRSIG, NSEC, and DNSKEY.
2004-01-16 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (_connect): Windows returns EWOULDBLOCK instead
of EINPROGRESS when trying to connect a nonblocking socket.
2003-11-13 Bob Halley <>
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (LOC.to_wire): We encoded and decoded LOC
incorrectly, since we were interpreting the values of altitiude,
size, hprec, and vprec in meters instead of centimeters.
* dns/rdtypes/IN/ (WKS.from_wire): The WKS protocol value is
encoded with just one octet, not two!
2003-11-09 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Cache.maybe_clean): The cleaner deleted items
from the dictionary while iterating it, causing a RuntimeError
to be raised. Thanks to Mark R. Levinson for the bug report,
regression test, and fix.
2003-11-07 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.2.0 released)
2003-11-03 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ ( The saved_state now includes
the default TTL.
2003-11-01 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Tokenizer.get): The tokenizer didn't
handle escaped delimiters.
2003-10-27 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Resolver.read_resolv_conf): If no nameservers
are configured in /etc/resolv.conf, the default nameserver
list should be [''].
2003-09-08 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Resolver._config_win32_fromkey): We didn't
catch WindowsError, which can happen if a key is not defined
in the registry.
2003-09-06 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.2.0b1 released)
2003-09-05 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Timeout support has been overhauled to provide
timeouts under Python 2.2 as well as 2.3, and to provide more
accurate expiration.
2003-08-30 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ dns.exception.SyntaxError is raised for unknown
master file directives.
2003-08-28 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ $INCLUDE processing is now enabled/disabled using
the allow_include parameter. The default is to process $INCLUDE
for from_file(), and to disallow $INCLUDE for from_text(). The
master reader now calls zone.check_origin_node() by default after
the zone has been read. find_rdataset() called get_node() instead
of find_node(), which result in an incorrect exception. The
relativization state of a zone is now remembered and applied
consistently when looking up names. from_xfr() now supports
relativization like the _MasterReader.
2003-08-22 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ The _MasterReader now understands $INCLUDE.
2003-08-12 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ The _MasterReader now specifies the file and line
number when a syntax error occurs. The BIND 8 TTL format is now
understood when loading a zone, though it will never be emitted.
The from_file() function didn't pass the zone_factory parameter
to from_text().
2003-08-10 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.1.0 released)
2003-08-07 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Update._add): A typo meant that _add would
fail if the thing being added was an Rdata object (as
opposed to an Rdataset or the textual form of an Rdata).
2003-08-05 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ the simple Set class has been moved to its
own module, and augmented to support more set operations.
2003-08-04 Bob Halley <>
* Node and all rdata types have been "slotted". This speeds
things up a little and reduces memory usage noticeably.
2003-08-02 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.1.0c1 released)
2003-08-02 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ SimpleSets now support more set options.
* dns/ Added the get_rrset() method. from_file() now
allows Unicode filenames and turns on universal newline support if
it opens the file itself.
* dns/ Added the delete_rdataset() and replace_rdataset()
* dns/ Added the delete_node(), delete_rdataset(), and
replace_rdataset() methods. from_file() now allows Unicode
filenames and turns on universal newline support if it opens the
file itself. Added a to_file() method.
2003-08-01 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Opcode from/to text converters now understand
numeric opcodes. The to_text() method will return a numeric opcode
string if it doesn't know a text name for the opcode.
* dns/ Added set_rcode(). Fixed code where ednsflags
wasn't treated as a long.
* dns/ ednsflags wasn't treated as a long. Rcode from/to
text converters now understand numeric rcodes. The to_text()
method will return a numeric rcode string if it doesn't know
a text name for the rcode.
* examples/ Added a new example program that builds a
reverse (address-to-name) mapping table from the name-to-address
mapping specified by A RRs in zone files.
* dns/ Added get_rdataset() method.
* dns/ Added get_rdataset() and get_rrset() methods. Added
2003-07-31 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added the iterate_rdatasets() method which returns
a generator which yields (name, rdataset) tuples for all the
rdatasets in the zone matching the specified rdatatype.
2003-07-30 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.1.0b2 released)
2003-07-30 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Added find_rrset() and find_rdataset() convenience
methods. They let you retrieve rdata with the specified name
and type in one call.
* dns/ Nodes no longer have names; owner names are
associated with nodes in the Zone object's nodes dictionary.
* dns/ Zone objects now implement more of the standard
mapping interface. __iter__ has been changed to iterate the keys
rather than values to match the standard mapping interface's
2003-07-20 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (inet_ntoa): Handle embedded IPv4 addresses.
2003-07-19 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.1.0b1 released)
2003-07-18 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ The TSIG validation of TCP streams where not
every message is signed now works correctly.
* dns/ Zones can now be compared for equality and
inequality. If the other object in the comparison is also
a zone, then "the right thing" happens; i.e. the zones are
equal iff.: they have the same rdclass, origin, and nodes.
2003-07-17 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Message.use_tsig): The method now allows for
greater control over the various fields in the generated signature
(e.g. fudge).
(_WireReader._get_section): UnknownTSIGKey is now raised if an
unknown key is encountered, or if a signed message has no keyring.
2003-07-16 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Tokenizer._get_char): get_char and unget_char
have been renamed to _get_char and _unget_char since they are not
useful to clients of the tokenizer.
2003-07-15 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (_MasterReader._rr_line): owner names were being
unconditionally relativized; it makes much more sense for them
to be relativized according to the relativization setting of
the reader.
2003-07-12 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Resolver.read_resolv_conf): The resolv.conf
parser did not allow blank / whitespace-only lines, nor did it
allow comments. Both are now supported.
2003-07-11 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (Name.to_digestable): to_digestable() now
requires an origin to be specified if the name is relative.
It will raise NeedAbsoluteNameOrOrigin if the name is
relative and there is either no origin or the origin is
itself relative.
(Name.split): returned the wrong answer if depth was 0 or depth
was the length of the name. split() now does bounds checking
on depth, and raises ValueError if depth < 0 or depth > the length
of the name.
2003-07-10 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (inet_ntoa): The routine now minimizes its output
strings. E.g. the IPv6 address
"0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001" is minimized to "::1".
We do not, however, make any effort to display embedded IPv4
addresses in the dot-quad notation.
2003-07-09 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ We now supply our own AF_INET and AF_INET6
constants since AF_INET6 may not always be available. If the
socket module has AF_INET6, we will use it. If not, we will
use our own value for the constant.
* dns/ the functions now take an optional af argument
specifying the address family to use when creating the socket.
* dns/ (is_metatype): a typo caused the function
return true only for type OPT.
* dns/ message section list elements are now RRsets
instead of Nodes. This API change makes processing messages
easier for many applications.
2003-07-07 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ added. An RRset is a named rdataset.
* dns/ (Rdataset.__eq__): rdatasets may now be compared
for equality and inequality with other objects. Rdataset instance
variables are now slotted.
* dns/ The wire format and text format readers are now
classes. Variables related to reader state have been moved out
of the message class.
2003-07-06 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (from_text): '@' was not interpreted as the empty
* dns/ the master file reader derelativized names in rdata
relative to the zone's origin, not relative to the current origin.
The reader now deals with relativization in two steps. The rdata
is read and derelativized using the current origin. The rdata's
relativity is then chosen using the zone origin and the relativize
boolean. Here's an example.
$ORIGIN foo.example.
$TTL 300
bar MX 0 blaz
If the zone origin is example., and relativization is on, then
This fragment will become: 300 IN MX 0
after the first step (derelativization to current origin), and 300 IN MX 0
after the second step (relativiation to zone origin).
* dns/ added.
* dns/ The master file reader has been made into its
own class. Reader-related instance variables have been moved
form the zone class into the reader class.
* dns/ Add node_factory class attribute. An application
can now subclass Zone and Node and have a zone whose nodes are of
the subclassed Node type. The from_text(), from_file(), and
from_xfr() algorithms now take an optional zone_factory argument.
This allows the algorithms to be used to create zones whose class
is a subclass of Zone.
2003-07-04 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ added new wire format rendering module and
converted to use it. Applications which want
fine-grained control over the conversion to wire format may call
the renderer directy, instead of having it called on their behalf
by the message code.
2003-07-02 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ (_validate_labels): The NameTooLong test was
* dns/ (Message.to_wire): dns.exception.TooBig is
now raised if the wire encoding exceeds the specified
maximum size.
2003-07-01 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ EDNS encoding was broken. from_text()
didn't parse rcodes, flags, or eflags correctly. Comparing
messages with other types of objects didn't work.
2003-06-30 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.0.0 released)
2003-06-30 Bob Halley <>
* dns/ Rdatas now implement rich comparisons instead of
* dns/ Names now implement rich comparisons instead of
* dns/ (inet_ntop): Always use our code, since the code
in the socket module doesn't support AF_INET6 conversions if
IPv6 sockets are not available on the system.
* dns/ (Answer.__init__): A dangling CNAME chain was
not raising NoAnswer.
* Added a simple resolver Cache class.
* Added an expiration attribute to answer instances.
2003-06-24 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.0.0b3 released)
2003-06-24 Bob Halley <>
* Renamed module "DNS" to "dns" to avoid conflicting with
2003-06-23 Bob Halley <>
* The from_text() relativization controls now work the same way as
the to_text() controls.
* DNS/ The parsing of generic rdata was broken.
2003-06-21 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.0.0b2 released)
2003-06-21 Bob Halley <>
* The Python 2.2 socket.inet_aton() doesn't seem to like
''. We work around this.
* Fixed bugs in rdata to_wire() and from_wire() routines of a few
types. These bugs were discovered by running the tests/
Torture1 test.
* Added implementation of type APL.
2003-06-20 Bob Halley <>
* DNS/rdtypes/IN/ Use our own versions of inet_ntop and
inet_pton if the socket module doesn't provide them for us.
* The resolver now does a better job handling exceptions. In
particular, it no longer eats all exceptions; rather it handles
those exceptions it understands, and leaves the rest uncaught.
* Exceptions have been pulled into their own module. Almost all
exceptions raised by the code are now subclasses of
DNS.exception.DNSException. All form errors are subclasses of
DNS.exception.FormError (which is itself a subclass of
2003-06-19 Bob Halley <>
* Added implementations of types DS, NXT, SIG, and WKS.
* __cmp__ for type A and AAAA could produce incorrect results.
2003-06-18 Bob Halley <>
* Started test suites for and
* Added implementation of type KEY.
* DNS/ \n could be emitted erroneously.
* DNS/rdtypes/ANY/ (SOA.from_text): The SOA RNAME field could
be set to the value of MNAME in common cases.
* DNS/rdtypes/ANY/ __init__ was broken.
* DNS/ (from_text): $TTL handling erroneously caused the
next line to be eaten.
* DNS/ (Tokenizer.get): parsing was broken for empty
quoted strings. Quoted strings didn't handle \ddd escapes. Such
escapes are appear not to comply with RFC 1035, but BIND allows
them and they seem useful, so we allow them too.
* DNS/rdtypes/ANY/ (ISDN.from_text): parsing was
broken for ISDN RRs without subaddresses.
* DNS/ (from_file): from_file() didn't work because
some required parameters were not passed to from_text().
2003-06-17 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.0.0b1 released)
2003-06-17 Bob Halley <>
* Added implementation of type PX.
2003-06-16 Bob Halley <>
* Added implementation of types CERT, GPOS, LOC, NSAP, NSAP-PTR.
* DNS/ (_by_value): A cut-and-paste error had broken
2003-06-12 Bob Halley <>
* Created a tests directory and started adding tests.
* Added "and its documentation" to the permission grant in the
2003-06-12 Bob Halley <>
* DNS/ (Name.is_wild): is_wild() erroneously raised IndexError
if the name was empty.
2003-06-10 Bob Halley <>
* Added implementations of types AFSDB, X25, and ISDN.
* The documentation associated with the various rdata types has been
improved. In particular, instance variables are now described.
2003-06-09 Bob Halley <>
* Added implementations of types HINFO, RP, and RT.
* DNS/ (make_query): Document that make_query() sets
flags to DNS.flags.RD, and chooses a random query id.
2003-06-05 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.0.0a2 released)
2003-06-05 Bob Halley <>
* DNS/ removed __getitem__ and __setitem__, since
they are not used by the codebase and were not useful in
general either.
* DNS/ (from_file): from_file() now allows a
filename to be specified instead of a file object.
* DNS/ The is_compatible() method of the
DNS.rdataset.Rdataset class was deleted.
2003-06-04 Bob Halley <>
* DNS/ (class Name): Names are now immutable.
* DNS/ the is_comparable() method has been removed, since
names are always comparable.
* DNS/ (Resolver.query): A query could run for up
to the lifetime + the timeout. This has been corrected and the
query will now only run up to the lifetime.
2003-06-03 Bob Halley <>
* DNS/ removed the 'new' function since it is not the
style of the library to have such a function. Call
DNS.resolver.Resolver() to make a new resolver.
2003-06-03 Bob Halley <>
* DNS/ (Resolver._config_win32_fromkey): The DhcpServer
list is space separated, not comma separated.
2003-06-03 Bob Halley <>
* DNS/ Added an update module to make generating updates
2003-06-03 Bob Halley <>
* Commas were missing in some of the __all__ entries in various files.
2003-05-30 Bob Halley <>
* (Version 1.0.0a1 released)