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Most of these puppet modules are for the specific task of installing glaspot. The repo should probably have a less generic name.

Important: As of now, I have only tested this build on debian6 amd64. It should work on x86 and other debian based distro's. It will most definitly not work on systems that rely on an rpm package manager like fedro. Puppet can handle those systems, but I just haven't written these modules to do so. If you want that sort of support, just ask.


Before we can use puppet to build glaspot, you should probably set up a VM. I used veewee and vagrant to build my environment and I highly recommend both tools. I'm going to assume in this guide that you are using vagrant.

Here is the link the veewee project Come back when you have a box you want to install glaspot on.

Ok, I now am assuming that that you have a working VM and you can ssh into it and install crap. Cool.

First, checkout this repo into your VM.

git clone

If you are using vagrant, there is a shared folder between guest and host systems. I have my vagrant setup in /data/vagrant on my host machine. This is where I call vagrant up and vagrant ssh. Once you are in the VM you'll notice the output of mount says that we have a handy partition:

root@basebox:~# mount
v-root on /vagrant type vboxsf (uid=1000,gid=1000,rw)

This is where I checked put the repo.

cd /vagrant/ && git clone && cd puppet-modules

I wrote a nifty (a.k.a a quick hack) bootstrap script to help install glaspot via puppet. You just need to run the script!


If you are using a different directory to do all this you will most likely need to edit Just set puppet_modules to the directory where you put the puppet-modules repo.

If all goes well you should have glaspot installed (by defualt into '/opt'). You can tweak where it is installed by passing different parameters to the glaspot module (read the comments).

If you encounter an error. Please complain :).