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Oops, we were being overzealous about calling nowrite().

We were doing it as soon as the other end was shut_read, but we didn't
confirm first that the other end's read buffer had been totally emptied.
This caused problems on, at least, where they create a zillion
short-lived connections.

I don't actually need these lines at all, as it turns out, because we were
already calling nowrite() correctly on the other end after a buffer got
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1 parent 38bb7f3 commit d4c9d3106841f01b5c16915bf44075b0ee6ee7ab @apenwarr apenwarr committed Jan 12, 2011
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@@ -237,9 +237,7 @@ def __init__(self, wrap1, wrap2):
self.wrap2 = wrap2
def pre_select(self, r, w, x):
- if self.wrap1.shut_read: self.wrap2.nowrite()
if self.wrap1.shut_write: self.wrap2.noread()
- if self.wrap2.shut_read: self.wrap1.nowrite()
if self.wrap2.shut_write: self.wrap1.noread()
if self.wrap1.connect_to:

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