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Grep Routes

Running rake routes is super slow and a waste of time.

grep_routes is similar to rake routes | grep someroute but way faster. My SuperScientificBenchmarks™ indicate 10x speed improvement over rake routes on big Rails projects to 3x on a fresh Rails 3.2 app, ymmv.

Note: This only works on Rails 3.1 and 3.2.


gem install grep_routes


All commands should be run from the root of your Rails3 project.

Show all your routes:


Grep through your routes:

grep_routes privacy_policy

Grep through your routes using regex:

grep_routes "(privacy_policy|terms|\w+_id)"

Reporting Problems

Please use Github Issues to report any problems. Please include a snippet of your routes.rb file so its easier to diagnose, test, and fix the problem!


Fork, code, send pull request.

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