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Fire up that tdd loop.
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A simple command line tool for running tests when files change.

Yes, it is awesome. 🔴 💚 🔁



$ tdd test/unit/some_unit_test.rb


$ tdd spec/some_spec.rb
# Run all specs
$ tdd spec


$ tdd rake test:functional
$ tdd rake spec

Pass framework specific arguments

You can pass arguments you would normally pass to ruby -Itest or rspec, note the double-dash "--".

$ tdd -- test/unit/some_unit_test.rb -n /some_test_name/
$ tdd -- spec/some_spec.rb:42 --fail-fast

Globs by default

By default, tdd will search for similarly named files to your test to watch. tdd will look for some_unit.rb in your project and watch it for changes, along with the test file.

$ tdd -- test/unit/some_unit.rb
Running: ruby -Itest test/unit/some_unit_test.rb

All of the files

Run tdd in the "all" mode to watch all files in app, lib, config, test, and spec directories, if they exist. The double-dash "--" seperates tdd's modes from the testing command.

$ tdd all -- test/unit/some_unit_test.rb
Running: ruby -Itest test/unit/some_unit_test.rb
Watching 3417 files in app/ lib/ config/ test/ spec/

Some of the files

You can specify which files to watch, again, note the double-dash "--" separating the files to watch from the test file and options):

$ tdd lib/some_unit.rb config/setup.rb -- test/unit/some_unit_test.rb -n/some_test_name/

Wildcard the files

You can use wildcards in any of the watched filepaths:

$ tdd lib/other_class.rb app/models/*class.rb -- test/unit/some_class_test.rb -n/some_test_name/

Respects gitignore

By default tdd ignores any files ignored by git, either through the local .gitignore file or the global ~/.gitignore_global . You can turn this off by passing --gitignore=false:

$ tdd --gitignore=false some_file.rb -- test/unit/some_unit.rb -n/some_test_name/

Weird Rails specific mode

In a Rails project you can ask tdd to watch view and controller files related to a functional or controller test:

$ tdd controller -- test/functional/users_controller_test.rb

will watch all view files in app/views/users, the users_controller and the test file for changes.

Now with more Growl

Supports Growl notifs. To enable, pass in --growl like so:

$ tdd controller --growl -- spec/controllers/users_controller_spec.rb

In Growl's preferences you can enable/disable both 'passed' and 'failed' notifs.

Isn't this what Guard does?

Yeah, but its more flexible. I found myself wanting to use rspec's feature of running a single test, or group of tests, over and over while I tdd'd a class. With Guard, I would have to change the Guardfile to use different command line options for rspec. Maybe there's a way to solve this now, but in general Guard is just too much overhead for me.

This library heavily borrows from rego by Ara Howard. Its a really useful tool and I used it to watch project files and run tests when they changed. But bouncing between projects that use test/unit and rspec several times a day there was still overhead in typing out the list of files to watch and the full test command for rego to work. Thus, tdd was born.


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