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This is the source code of the Django project which powers my personal blog.

This repository exists mainly to provide a consistent point for me to deploy from. It may or may not be useful to you, and does not actually include everything -- some settings are specified via environment variables, for example -- and is designed with my personal needs in mind.

I run on Django 1.11 and Python 3.6; other Django and/or Python versions may work, but are not tested or supported. In fact, this project as a whole is not really "supported" except insofar as I'm personally interested in having my own site work.

As such, if you find yourself needing to modify anything here -- and ideally you should just set up your own project if you want to use any of the applications here, including my blog app -- you should feel free (it's BSD-licensed), but I likely will be unresponsive to issues or pull requests.