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Nightlife Tracker

I am built this Nightlife Tracker app as part of Free Code Camp's Back End Certification curriculum. You can search for bars in your area, and indicate your intention to go tonight. You can also see all your historical RSVPs and remove ones you don't want on that list (though no one can see it but you). It is a truly single page app (just for fun), and it's my first Angular app.

User stories:

  • As an unauthenticated user, I can view all bars in my area.
  • As an authenticated user, I can add myself to a bar to indicate I am going there tonight.
  • As an authenticated user, I can remove myself from a bar if I no longer want to go there.
  • As an unauthenticated user, when I login I should not have to search again.

Built using:

Go check out the app at

Let me know if you have any throughts or feedback!

Change Log

June 30, 2016

  • City stats: I added a new, kind of hidden page, that shows the most commonly searched for cities, the most recently searched for cities, and the total number of searches overall and this week. Did this mostly because I was interested to see it, and I'd been saving the data (just the terms entered into search... No identifying info about who was doing the searching), so I figure why not. You can access it at '/cities'. I also added some tests for this new section (I'll get some more added for the rest of the app eventually!)


Nightlife Tracking App built for Free Code Camp's Back End Certification







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