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#Odin-Facebook Building a Facebook clone as a final project in the Odin Project's Rails course. The requirements are laid out on their site

###What's done:

  • Create the rails app with a postgresql database from the get-go (first time).
  • Sign-in with Devise.
  • Set up Foundation for styling/layout - like it so far.
  • Set up a welcome mailer for new users, using Sendgrid.
  • Set up Post and Comment models, controllers and views.
    • Add photos to the post model. Used an optional photo on a regular post via paperclip, rather than mulitple post types with polymorphic associations per the instructions. I did, however, use polymorphic associations for my Like and Notification modules.
  • Set up Guard and Minitest-Reporters gems to facilitate testing.
  • Add tests to User, Post, Comment, and Like models, as well as limited integration and controller tests.
  • Extend User model to include profile info (name, town, gender)
  • Add user photos using paperclip gem as well as default gravatar
  • Add integration tests for signed out users and users registrations
  • Set up friending with Amistad gem / add friendship controller.
  • Add users#index page listing all users and their friendship status with current_user.
  • Add All Friends page with conditional "Pending invitations"
  • Limit newsfeed on posts#index to friends and self.
  • Activity based on friendship:
    • Users can comment on and like own and friends' posts anywhere posts appear.
    • Users can always see the number of comments and likes on a post.
    • Users receive notifications when another user comments on or likes something they've commented on or liked.
    • Users receive notifications when other users request or confirm their friendship.

To do

  • Use Omniauth to allow users to sign in with their real FB account


Final project for The Odin Project's Rails course



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