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…the UI

This also avoids the risk of overflowing the UI and breaking it with parts on the next line.
Added link to default scrollbar on producthunt

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A full screen reddit presentation or slide show.


  • a - toggles auto-next (play/pause)
  • t - collapse/uncollapse title
  • c - collapse/uncollapse controls
  • i - open image in a new tab
  • r - open comments in a new tab
  • u - open user slideshow in new tab
  • f - toggle full screen mode
  • m - toggle sound
  • Arrow keys, pgup/pgdown, spacebar change slides
  • Swipe gestures on phones


  • All /r/ subreddits, including different ?sort stuff.
  • /user/ , /domain/ , /me/ url's work.
  • Url's ending with ['.jpg', '.jpeg', '.gif', '.bmp', '.png']
  • You can save the html file locally and use it, just make sure you add a separator e.g. the question mark in file:///c/myredditp.html?/r/gifs so the browser knows to pick up the right file and go to the right subreddit.
  • Support for /r/random and /r/randnsfw virtual subreddits. These'll be tricky unless I cheat as they contain redirects.

Possible future features, depending on feedback:

  • Zoom/Pan for comics
  • Imgur albums support
  • Offline access support, though I don't know if this is even possible actually (caching external image resources).
  • Login and upvoting support

Host your own redditp

Redditp relies on the /r/subreddit in the URL to fetch the JSON from the corresponding reddit endpoint. There are a few ways you can set up support for these URLs yourself:

  • You can use an Apache server with the .htaccess file.
  • Host on Netlify using the _redirects file. This is the current host for redditp.
  • Use NodeJS (see package.json).
  • Use a simple HTTP server and put the subreddit URL in the get parameters like http://localhost?/r/subreddit.
  • Use GitHub pages by copying index.html into 404.html which will make all unknown URLs reach the same index.html. This currently only works with a custom domain because of where the .js and .css files are located.



Convert any reddit page to a presentation or slide show




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