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I was working with this code for a bit of a weekend hack around GIFs, but it's still to unreliable (due to CORS limitations & proxies) so I'm not going to push that any further this weekend.

Anyway... while hacking the feature, I kinda refactored the code. It's not entirely in the state I'd want to finish with it, but it's feature complete with the old code, so I thought I'd share it back :)

So, you're welcome to have it back if it meets your tastes :)

Thanks for the website!


Thank you for this. It may take me some time to review.

What did you want to hack around gifs?


No problem :+1:

The GIF thing is just to automatically wait for each one to finish animating before moving to the next slide, a GIFmode type thing. It works, but it's unstable due to relying on CORS support (which none of the image servers seem to) and the proxy I tried isn't that helpful really. I think a better solution in the short term is to just host a script on heroku to do the same work server side and to cache the duration times for the client to consume later. I'll let you know if I get around to doing so :)


So many changes. Next time if you split the refactoring into multiple pull requests it'll probably get accepted faster. I've found that maintainers will only look at about 10 lines of changes at a time. If it's longer, sometimes the pull request just dies or languishes like this seems to have. :(

I'm sorry it happened to your refactor though, I hope someone can come along and give it a thumbs up.


Should I consider your comment a thumbs up vosechu?


No, I also do not have time to read this much code :(


I took the one commit that I was able to easily review and apply 57393ea. The rest either had indentation (tabs vs space) issues, bugs or were just stylistically different. Thank you for doing this though. Pull requests are more than welcome. I would prefer if in the future they were smaller and more surgical. I.e. make one pull-request per idea. It'd be much easier to review, iterate and merge.

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