The android port of the 2048 game (for offline playing)
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This is the android port of the 2048 game made by Gabriele Cirulli It's nothing fancy, just a webview that loads the locally stored html files of the original game. I just wanted to make it instantly playable without Internet (the app doesn't require any permissions) and with a quick access icon for my smartphone.

Feel free to contribute with pull requests to the original project by Gabriele or to this one if you have any android specific improvements in mind.

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play


If you want to build from source just do

git clone --recursive
cd 2048-android/
git submodule update --init --recursive
./gradlew build

With Eclipse

  1. Copy to clipboard
  2. File -> Import -> Git / Projects from Git -> Clone URI
  3. Paste URI from clipboard (if it did not appeared automatically)
  4. Next> Next> Check "Clone submodules"
  5. Next> select "Import existing project"

With Android Studio

  1. Follow first three lines of Building directions.
  2. In Android Studio selection "Open an Existing Android Studio Project"
  3. When prompted, add the VCS root.


2048-android is licensed under the MIT license.