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Ghidra extension that uses BinDiff on your Ghidra project to find matching functions and rename them automatically (BinDiff 6 + 7 supported). Check out the BinDiff manual to see how it works and how it matches functions / basic blocks. However, with this extension, BinDiff is automated from within Ghidra, so you don't have to diff your binaries yourself.

Please report bugs via the issue feature on github

What it does / Changelog


  • Update to support Gradle 7.5 and Ghidra 10.1


  • Support BinDiff 7 and Ghidra 10


  • Fixed a bug where diffing with a different file from same project didn't work
  • Fixed a bug where files with short names (< 3 characters>) could not be diffed


  • Fixed a crash when opening a file via the "from project" option


  • Coloring matched functions in the listing
  • Add comments to matched functions in the listing linking to the other binary
  • Fixed a bug where protobuf library was missing in some builds
  • New file load menu


  • Fix a bug where the file to import to needed to be checked out.
  • Increase size of project file selection dialog


  • BinDiff the binary opened in Ghidra with another binary from the same Ghidra project, show results and import function names
  • Open a BinDiff file, created with BinDiff 6, from two .BinExport files and import the matching function names in Ghidra

Next releases

  • Import function names and function parameters (type and name)
  • Compare the binary opened in Ghidra with an external .BinExport (from IDA for example)
  • Communication with the BinDiff 6 GUI to show graphs for the different functions

How to Install

Either download the .zip-File from the release, if it's compatible to your Ghidra version, otherwise see How to build below.

Open Ghidra, go to File->Install Extensions... in the Main Window. Click the +-Button in the top right and select the BinDiffHelper zip file.

Close the plugin manager. Restart Ghidra to load the new plugin.

Recommended other tools

Without these, you will only be able to import .BinDiff files and not automatically export and diff from your Ghidra project


Make sure the plugin is loaded in the Code Explorer by opening a file in Ghidra and in the Code Explorer go to File->Configure

Click the small plug-icon in the top right:

Configure tool

and make sure the checkbox next to BinDiffHelperPlugin is checked.

Configure plugins

Import external .BinDiff

The corresponding .BinExport-Files need to be in the same Folder.

Open the file you want to import names into in the code Browser, then go to Window->BinDiffHelper Open BinDiffHelper

Use the Open from BinDiff button or menu item and select your .BinDiff file.

Example import

Select all the function names you want to import and click the Import function names button in the top right or the menu item.

Compare between files in Ghidra project

Go to Window->BinDiffHelper, make sure there are no warnings concerning BinExport or BinDiff, then click the Open from project button.

Select the other file from the tree and click OK.

Example project import

How to build


  • Ghidra installation ( or compiled from source
  • some jdk (if you built Ghidra yourself, it needs to be the same jdk)
  • gradle (tested with 7.5)

Build it

You need to set the GHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR environment variable to the Ghidra installation dir. If you have different JDKs installed, make sure the environment variable JAVA_HOME points to the one your Ghidra installation uses.

The extension will be built for that Ghidra version specifically.

And then go the BinDiffHelper folder in your shell and do


There should have been a .zip-File created in the dist directory.

Use that .zip File to install according to the instructions above.


Icons from: Fatcow free icons