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This ROS package provides some tools to facilitate definition of ROS tf transforms.

It provides two binaries:

  • static_transform_publisher is an adapted version of tf2_ros's source code, providing more fine-grained command-line options to define orientations from an arbitrary set of Euler angles.

  • static_transform_publisher_gui is an interactive version of the static_transform_publisher allowing you to modify the transform interactively.

Furthermore it provides some extensions to rviz:

  • An EulerProperty class allowing for definition of arbitrary sets of Euler angles (and conversion between them).
  • A RotationProperty class combining EulerProperty and QuaternionProperty to provide flexible means of entering orientation information.
  • An interactive transform publisher as an rviz::Display plugin allowing you to interactively explore your desired transform with an rviz marker. You can use this also, to interactively perform frame transformations.
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