An Arduino API client for Ubidots
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[DEPRECATED] Ubidots Arduino WiFi

WARNING: The Arduino Wi-Fi shield was retired from commercial sales markets in 2015; for this reason the library is "DEPRECATED"

HTTP requests to Ubidots

To send HTTP requests to Ubidots using the Arduino WiFi Shield please follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Arduino IDE. Go to File > Examples > WiFi > WiFiWebClient.
  2. Assign your WiFi crendetials were is indicated.
  3. Upload the code into the Arduino UNO. Before upload the code make sure to select the right COM Port from Tools > Port > Port Assigned.
  4. Once the code is uploaded, open the Serial Monitor to verify the response of the sample request.
  5. If everything is working properly, modify the sample code handling the request to Ubidots. Please, reference to the REST API Reference to build the HTTP request.

NOTE: For any additional assistance, please reference to Ubidots Community.