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A lightweight JavaScript range slider that works on mobile devices such as iOS or Android.
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Mobile Range Slider

A Touch Slider for Webkit / Mobile Safari

This lightweight JavaScript range slider works on mobile devices such as iOS or Android without any dependencies such as jQuery.

Basic Usage

new MobileRangeSlider('my_slider'); // passing an ID
new MobileRangeSlider(element); // passing a DOM element
<div id="my_slider" class="slider">
  <div class="track"></div>
  <div class="knob"></div>

### Advanced Usage

var slider = new MobileRangeSlider('slider', {
  min: -50,
  max: 50,
  value: 0,
  change: function(value){



### Options

* `value` - initial value. Defaul: 0
* `min` - minimum value. Default: 0
* `max` - maximum value. Default: 100
* `change` - callback handler


Developed by [Ubilabs](
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